Saturday, December 22, 2012

Holiday Full Moon Ride!

Come join us on the evening of December 28th for a Holiday Full Moon ride! We'll combine some miles on the W&OD trail with a visit to some neighborhoods to view people's lights and decorations. Meet at the shop at 7:30 to start the ride. We'll have hot beverages and some sort of treat afterwards at the shop.

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Brompton Bundle while supplies last!

S-Bag, Brompton DVD, T-Bag, Brompton book.

We're adding an extra incentive for those of you who have been thinking about buying a new Brompton folding bicycle: Buy any 2012 Brompton folding bicycle we have in stock, and get our special Brompton Bundle FREE! What is the Brompton Bundle? Well, it includes the following:
  • Your choice of a new, pre-2011 S-Bag or Touring Pannier - $45 now, originally $100
  • The appropriate carrier frame for the bag of your choice - $35 value
  • A copy of David Henshaw's The Brompton Bicycle - $24 value
  • The History of Brompton DVD - $40 value
We've been offering this bundle with a new in-stock Brompton for $49, but now you get it FREE if you purchase one of the shiny new 2012 Bromptons we have in the store! Offer is good until Christmas Eve and is limited to stock on hand. Once we are out of any item, that's all we have, sorry.

If you already own a Brompton, ask us about the bundles we have for you!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Brompton Thanksgiving Special Deal!

S-Bag on the left, Touring Pannier on the right, with frames behind. Brompton DVD and book in front.

This weekend only, we're adding an extra incentive for those of you who have been thinking about buying a new Brompton folding bicycle:

Buy any 2012 Brompton folding bicycle we have in stock, and get our special Brompton Bundle FREE!

What is the Brompton Bundle?  Well, it includes the following:

Your choice of a new, pre-2011 S-Bag or Touring Pannier - $45 now, originally $100
The appropriate carrier frame for the bag of your choice - $35 value
A copy of David Henshaw's The Brompton Bicycle - $24 value
The History of Brompton DVD - $40 value

We've been offering this bundle with a new in-stock Brompton for $49, but now you get it FREE if you purchase one of the shiny new 2012 Bromptons we have in the store this weekend!

Offer is limited to stock on hand.
Once we are out of any item, that's all we have, sorry.

Thanksgiving Weekend Specials!

This Friday, Saturday, and Sunday only, in keeping with Small Business Saturday, and Vienna's own Vienna Business Saturday, we're running some special deals!

All tools, lights, and cycle computers are 10% off!

Perfect gifts for the cyclist on your list... they make great “stocking stuffers” or fit nicely under any sized tree. Come on in and get something for that special someone!

Discount only good on existing stock.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Brompton News - Limited Number of Superlights Available Soon!

Sample photo of an M6LX Superlight Brompton in sage green.

If you follow news in the Brompton world, you'll know that for the past year or so the Superlight option has been unavailable, due to supply problems of the titanium rear frame unit. Well, Brompton is still having issues with supply and demand of those parts, but they have informed us that we can get a VERY LIMITED number of Superlight bikes in early 2013.

Many of you may already know, but for those who don't, let's cover the basics... a "Superlight" Brompton is built with a titanium front fork and rear frame in place of the standard steel parts. In addition, some other smaller parts are made of titanium, or are otherwise lighter versions of the standard parts.  All in all, it shaves about 2 pounds from the weight of the bike, which can be very nice indeed when you're carrying your trusty steed.

So, how many is a "limited number" you ask? Well, here at bikes@vienna we are going to be getting FOUR such bikes, all scheduled to arrive beginning in early January, the last bike arriving mid-February. Now is the time to talk to us if you've been wanting one of these bikes, as our window of opportunity to "design" the bikes to your specifications is brief. The deadline for the first bike on order is December 1st, so come on in and let's work out the design together!

There's no telling when we'll next be able to order Superlight bikes, so if you have any thought of getting one, you really should take advantage of this opportunity before it's gone.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

CHO Holiday Bike Drive

Do you have a bike or bikes that your kids have out grown, or no longer ride? Today and Saturday December 1st, the Committee Helping Others will be out in front of the shop collecting for their holiday bike giveaway. Come on by and bring that old bike!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Thanksgiving Day Ride!

It's that time of year again! Time for our annual Guilt Reduction Ride on Thanksgiving Day. Come and join us for a casual ride out to Herndon and back. We'll leave the shop about 9:00 am, so we can be back by 11:00, for those of you that have to prepare for dinner.

We'll have hot beverages ready before the ride, starting about 8:30. Please bring some canned goods or other non-perishable food for the CHO Food Drive. Reduce those feelings of guilt by burning off some calories and contributing to a good cause.

Below is a photo from a past Guilt Reduction Ride, with all of us posing at the Herndon Depot.

Send an email to if you think you'll be joining us, just so we have some idea of how many folks to expect.

Last year's ride. Let's get a bigger group out there this year!

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Special Deals on Brompton Stuff!

S-Bag on the left, Touring Pannier on the right, with frames behind. Brompton DVD and book in front.
Brompton Specials for the coming holidays!

We've just received a special shipment of an older version of the Brompton S-Bag and T-Bag (formerly known as the Touring Pannier) at a reduced price, and we want to pass the savings on to our Brompton customers. The bags are a bit different from the current versions (most notably in having black interiors), but they are still very good bags, and a lot less expensive than the current offerings.

Older style S-Bag (w/out frame) - $45
Older style Touring Pannier (w/out frame) - $45
Carrier frame - $35

Special price – buy either of the above bags and a carrier frame for $69! The current S-bag with frame sells for $178 and the T-bag is $160.

Or -

Buy either of the two bags, and a carrier frame, AND a copy of The Brompton Bicycle (a great book about the Brompton and folding bikes in general, normally priced at $24) for $89!

Or -

Buy either of the two bags, and a carrier frame, AND the History of Brompton DVD (normally priced at $40) for $99!

Or -

Buy the whole shebang... S-Bag or Touring Pannier, carrier frame, The Brompton Bicycle, and the History of Brompton DVD for $116!

Finally, for that truly special someone (including yourself) on your holiday shopping list -

Buy any 2012 Brompton currently in our stock, and get all of the above for $49!

Offer good on current stock and only while current supply lasts.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fairfax Bike Summit

Tim's at the first ever Fairfax Bike Summit today!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

2012 Halloween Parade!

Daniel at the 2011 parade.
MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!!!!  It's one week until the Vienna Halloween Parade!  That's right, Wednesday, October 24th is the big night.  Come one, come all.  We can set you up on one of our bikes or trikes if you can't bring your own!  We're meeting at the shop at 6:00 pm to get ready, then riding to the start point around 7:00.  Food and beverages afterwards at the shop!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Some New Dahon Models!

 There's been a lot of buzz on the internet, and in the industry as a whole, about Tern, the new folding bike company founded by Josh Hon (son of David Hon, founder of Dahon). And there's good reason for that... they've produced some fine bikes in their first year of business.

But let's not forget Dahon! This year brought several new models, and more is in the works for 2013.  Here's a look at some of the new offerings we have here at bikes@vienna.

 First up is the Mu N-360. Based on their proven and popular aluminum Mu frameset, the N-360 comes equipped with the NuVinci N360 "the first continuously variable transmission for bicycles."

What's that mean? Well, unlike other shifting systems, there are no distinct "clicks" relating to specific sprocket combinations. Rather, the ratio of pedal to wheel revolutions is seamless... think of it like a volume nob on your radio. You can see the shifter to the right... instead of numbers, there's a little graphic of a bike and the "terrain" the ratio is appropriate for; in this case, climbing a hill.  It's a neat system, and worth checking out.

Next is the Ios S9, a 24" wheel folder with a high quality set of components, including SRAM X9 derailleur, Schwalbe Kojak tires, and Avid hydraulic disc brakes, a rarity in folding bikes. This bike also features Dahon's Flat Pak stem and Ergon grips with bar ends, which allows you to fine tune your riding position. The 24" wheels provide a "big wheel" feel in a bike that folds down into a remarkably small package.

Finally, we have the Jifo 16, a totally new design from Dahon that folds down to a tiny package in a matter of seconds. With a single speed drivetrain for simplicity and reliability, the Jifo might be just the right choice for your commute by bus, train, or subway.

To the right is the bike folded and ready to carry.

And here it is, unfolded and ready to ride!

Folding bikes just keep getting better, and it's a great time to include one in your life. You'll be amazed how handy they can be.  So come on in for a test ride soon!

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Halloween is coming!

Thanks to Daniel, we now have our first Halloween decoration out front... spooky!  And fun.

And a great opportunity to let folks know that we want all of you here to ride in our little part of the Vienna Halloween Parade!  That's right, on Wednesday, October 24th, Vienna is continuing a 65+ year old tradition, where Maple Ave. is shut down and all manner of groups walk and ride their way down the street. We encourage you to bring whatever bike or trike you ride, or you can borrow one of ours. Folding bikes, recumbents, trikes, even trike trains are welcome and encouraged!  Watch this space for more news as it develops!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

New Hours For Fall!

Please note, starting on Sunday, September 30th, we will be opening at NOON on Sundays.  So that makes our hours:

Sun: Noon - 5pm
Wed: 10am - 7pm
Thu:  10am - 7pm
Fri:  10am - 7pm
Sat:  10am - 6pm

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Interbike 2012: Brompton News

One of the reasons to go to Interbike is to find out what changes and new features bike companies are introducing in the coming year. Those of you who are familiar with the Brompton folding bicycle (or have heard my spiel about them) know that they don't make broad, sweeping changes in their bikes from year to year.  A few years ago, the biggest technical change introduced was changing the rails on the seat from solid steel rod to hollow steel tubing... a change that nobody noticed, unless they were told.

But this year, Brompton HAS introduced some new things... both changes to the bikes themselves, and new accessories for them!

So what's coming in 2013 for Brompton buyers?  First, let's address the changes to the bikes...

2013 Brake lever - click to enlarge.
Probably the most obvious change will be the new brake levers, shown here. As you can see, they are now of all alloy construction, and a very different shape from the 2012 and earlier levers. The new shape is intended to improve the ergonomics of the levers, while at the same time maintaining the compact Brompton fold. Earlier lever designs had to be mounted nearly vertically, to allow for the fold, and the resulting position bothered some folks. The new levers should remedy that. In addition, the mechanism itself has a cam-action to it that should improve both power and modulation of the brakes.  Finally, doing away with the plastic lever bodies of the older models enhances the overall sense of quality of the bike.

2013 Crankset - click to enlarge.
The next most obvious change will be the new crankset (or chainset, as the Brits would say). The new unit has a number of nice features, starting with the main arms being a much more elegant and solid forged piece. In addition, the new model will have a separate chain ring, allowing you to replace just that part, rather than the entire crankset, in order to modify the gear ratios or replace a worn piece. And anyone who has ever had a Brompton chainring guard come loose or crack will be happy to know the new ones are more substantial and attach with screws, rather than being a press fit.

2013 Rims - click to enlarge.
Not as readily noticed by the eye, another significant change is in the wheel rims... Brompton is now going to be using a "box" section rim, with a different profile, that should both be stronger and make it easier to mount and dismount tires. And if you've ever had problems with the blue rubbery rim strip on a Brompton, these rims should eliminate those issues. In addition, the rear rim will be drilled in a manner that will reduce stresses on the spokes caused by the extreme angles inherent in spoking small wheels.

Two other, less significant changes are with the handlebar grips and tires. The former will now be black instead of grey, and the M, H, and S grips are changing shape slightly to make them more comfortable. In keeping with that change, the standard Brompton tires will now be solid black, instead of black and grey, and will have the 100psi inflation pressure prominently displayed in white lettering on the sidewall.  I wish all tires would make that information as obvious as that!

2013 Dynamo light - click to enlarge.
One last technical change in the bikes only applies to bikes equipped with the Shimano dynamo hub. Previously, those bikes were shipped with an older style halogen headlight, but starting in 2013 they will have a B&M Lyt LED unit, which should be a fair bit brighter. As an added bonus, the LEDs won't burn out periodically the way a halogen lamp will. Given that I had made this very recommendation to Brompton earlier this year, it's great to see they are making this change.  I know others have made the same request, and it's clear that Brompton was listening.

Now, about the new accessories...

2013 Tool kit - click to enlarge.
Most intriguing is the new toolkit, shown here. As you can see, it comes with the basic tools you need on the road on a Brompton... tire levers, patch kit, allen wrenches, and box end wrenches, including a 15mm for the axle nuts.  What sets this toolkit apart, however, is the manner in which it's designed to be carried.  If you look closely at the photo, you might be able to see it... the kit fits into a plastic holder that then slides into the forward section of the main frame, just ahead of the main hinge! When fully put together and installed, the "eye" of the 15mm wrench sticks out to act as a handle which you grasp to remove the unit from the frame. So if you have a flat tire or other mechanical problem, you simply stop, open the main hinge, and pull out the tool kit. Very clever.

2013 Bottle mount - click to enlarge.
Also clever is the new bottle mount. You can't really see what's going on in the photo, I'm sorry to say, but the mount clamps to the handlebar stem just below the bars, and is so small it doesn't interfere with the fold in any way. Looking at it, you might be wondering just what holds the bottle in place... well, it can't be seen here, but there's a rare earth magnet on the bottle mount that holds the bottle to the mount. It's a strong enough hold to keep the bottle in place until you need it, but still allows you to easily grab the bottle and take a drink while you ride.

For a company known for making few if any changes from year to year, 2013 promises some truly interesting and useful new developments.

Now, some of you may be wondering... "What about the rumors of an electric assist bike from Brompton?"  Well, while it's true that it's in the works, progress has been slower than they'd hoped, and it's unlikely we'll see such a bike until 2014 at the earliest, and it's like to be later than that. Brompton is firmly resolved to "get it right" when they enter the e-bike market, and would rather delay the introduction than offer an unsatisfactory product. So, if you have your heart set on such a bike, you'll have to be patient a while longer. We'll keep you posted if we hear anything new.  Meanwhile, watch for the 2013 Bromptons to start arriving here just before the end of the year! And come check out our 2012 stock while it lasts!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Interbike 2012 Folder Frolic

Well, this morning started off with the annual Folder Frolic, a fun ride around Vegas at 7am, followed by a parking ramp hill climb sprint... capped off with a toast on the roof of the parking garage!  A great event, and a fun opportunity to gather with fellow folder enthusiasts.  You won't see as many folding bikes ridden together in very many other places.  All manner of bikes, all manner of riders.

Here's a photo of the group lined up in front of the Venetian Hotel before the start.  I'm almost dead center in the black bikes@vienna shirt.  Bruce is to the left of me in the orange shirt. This was his first Frolic, and I think my third or fourth. Folks here from a bunch of dealers as well as reps for each of the major folding bike companies... Dahon, Tern, Brompton. There was even a Moulton rider in the group.  More photos will be posted on Flickr soon.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Starting off with the Industry Breakfast. Talking about the future of cycling.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Interbike 2012!

Tim will be away this week, checking out the biggest bicycle trade show in the USA - Interbike!  I'll be posting info as I can, throughout the week and when I return, so watch this space and our Facebook page.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Basic Maintenance and Repair Class This Weekend!

We still have a few spots left in our Basic Repair and Maintenance Class this Sunday! Learn how to fix a flat tire, as well as how to give your bike a basic gear and brake tuneup... all for less than the cost of such a tuneup!  In addition, you'll receive a small tool kit that normally sells for $25. Class meets from 6 to 8 pm on Sunday, September 9th. Learn skills now that you can use to get your bike ready for spring, and beat the usual spring rush at the shop.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

New Hours for Fall!

Well, the kids are back in school, our summer help has gone back to college, and Fall is on the near horizon.  So as of September 9th, we will be changing our hours.  Please make a note of the new times:

Sunday: 10 - 5
Monday: CLOSED
Tuesday: CLOSED
Wednesday: 10 - 7
Thursday: 10 - 7
Friday: 10 - 7
Saturday: 10 - 6

And remember, Fall is a great time to ride in the mid-Atlantic, with cooler weather and Fall colors. Now's the perfect time to buy a new bike or trike, like one of the shiny new Bromptons above!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tim Away

Tim is going to be away from Friday, July 27th until Saturday August 4th. The rest of our staff will be happy to help you however, and Tim will be checking in while he's gone.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Hase Pino Tandem

We have a new Hase Pino in the store, and "the boys" (Daniel and Robert) took it for a test ride to "bed in" the disc brakes and give it a good checkover.  Here they are zooming past the shop.  Looks like fun, doesn't it? The great things about this design are:

  • Both riders get a good view (no staring at your partner's back).
  • Communication between captain and stoker is easier.
  • The captain can keep an eye on the stoker... this can be handy with children or a stoker with a disability.
  • It's just plain fun!
If you've been thinking about a tandem, you should come on in and give it a try.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Linus Bikes are Here!

That's right! Our first batch of Linus Bikes have arrived, and we've assembled one of each model so far.

 From left to right, you see the Mixte 8, Roadster 8, and Dutchi 8. Each has the Shimano Nexus 8 speed internally geared drivetrain for reliability and ease of use, fenders to keep crud off you and the bike, and a rear rack to carry your things. The Mixte uses a classic "unisex" frame design first made popular in the 60s and 70s, the Roadster is like an updated version of your (or maybe your parents') old English 3-speed, and the Dutchi is Linus' interpretation of the laid back, upright, comfy position of a classic Dutch city bike. Very classy looking bikes, and fun to ride too!

We'll be getting in some of Linus' stylish bags, baskets and racks soon too. Check out their website for more info -  And come on by to try out the bikes!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

New Summer Hours!

Starting this weekend, we will be open from 10 to 5 on Sundays!

So that means our summer hours are:

Sunday: 10 - 5
Monday: CLOSED
Tuesday: 10 - 7
Wednesday: 10 - 7
Thursday: 10 - 7
Friday: 10 - 7
Saturday: 10 - 6

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A fun event for the 4th of July!

One of our trike customers got the inspiration to get a group of recumbent riders together to ride in Fairfax City's Fourth of July Parade!  It's from 9:15am to noon on the Fourth.  For more info contact:

Or click on the image for more info!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Travels with Bromptons

Bromptons overlooking Church Bay, Bermuda
If you came by the shop near the end of May, you probably heard that Tim was away on a family cruise, to celebrate his mom's 85th birthday. What you might not have learned was that he and his girlfriend carried their two Brompton folding bikes on the cruise ship, and did a good bit of exploring on Bermuda by bike! We only had one full day and two half days ashore, but I think we managed to squeeze a lot in, thanks in large part to traveling under our own power, on our own timetable. Watch this space for more info about this trip, and general tips on traveling with your bike in future posts.

Friday, June 01, 2012

Diamond Jubilee Bromptons are here!

That's right folks, just in time for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, the special edition Jubilee Bromptons have arrived.  Only 500 were made, and we ordered two of them, so they won't last long. They come in a special three color scheme - white main frame, blue rear frame, and red fork and handlebar stem. All nicely set off by white fenders and a blue Brooks leather saddle, and a S-type front bag with a Union Jack design.  Come on in and check them out!  And while you're here, visit our friends next door at the Pure Pasty Company, who are having their own special events for the Jubilee.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Basic maintenance class next Sunday June 3

There is plenty of room in our basic bicycle maintenance class scheduled for Sunday, June 3 from 6-8pm. The class costs $45, which includes a simple tool kit worth $22.

Topics covered include flat repair, brake and gear adjustments, basic lubrication, and performing a safety check on your bicycle. In addition, we'll discuss tools and equipment needed to work on your bike. Call 703-938-8900, contact Bruce at, or stop by the store and sign up. Please arrange to pay in advance so we know how many people to expect.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Welcome back!

This week marks the return of several of our staff who have been away at college this year. Nathan, who started with us last year, will be starting to work again this week, coming in on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday for now. He'll be with us all summer.

Robert, who has been with us now for four years, on and off, will be making a brief surprise return engagement here this week and next. It's a long, involved story (ask him about the ice axe), but he will be helping us out while he waits for what's next for him this summer.  If you want to catch up with him, you'll have to come by before June 1st, as he heads back west then.

Finally, I should have alerted folks a few weeks ago that Reed, longtime employee at bikes@vienna (I believe he has the longest history with the shop of anyone currently here) is working for us again until July.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Free goodies!

One of our grab baskets of free stuff we're giving away today.

Bike to Work Day

Here are a few of the early birds today. We are at the Vienna pit stop this morning giving out free stuff. Come on by!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

New Breezer Uptown Infinity

We just got in a new (to us) version of Breezer's Uptown commuter bike... the Uptown Infinity! What's so special about this model? Well, it uses the NuVinci N360 continuously variable planetary gear hub. What the heck does that mean?

Most bicycle gearing systems today have distinct "steps", specific click stops for each individual gear, corresponding some some combination of sprockets and such that alters the amount of your effort and speed. The NuVinci system, in contrast, is infinitely variable... there are NO clicks.  You just twist the shifter, and feel a smooth increase or decrease in force required to turn the pedals. And instead of a numbered sequence of distinct "gears", the shifter shows you a graphic of a bike traveling on a line that ranges from flat to sloped like a hill. Pretty cool. 

Like the Uptown 8, the Infinity comes ready to ride, ready to commute or shop.  Rack, fenders, bell, built in dynamo powered lighting system, this bike has it all... AND a very cool shifting system.  At $1219, it's a good buy, and a handsome bike.  Available in both standard and "step through" frames.  Come on in and check it out!

Friday, April 06, 2012

Bromptons come in many colors...

... and now some of their bags come in colors too!

Here's a "his and hers" pair of Bromptons recently bought by a couple who have been our customers for a long time. They came in wanting bikes to carry on their boat when traveling, and the Brompton's small size and great ride fit the bill perfectly. Both bikes are the new "H-Type" (say "haytch" if you want to sound authentically British) with the extended handlebar stem, with six speed drive trains and rear racks and front carrier blocks. "Her" bike has the Brompton/Ortlieb "O-Bag" in pink and black, and "his" has the new-for-2012 Brompton/Ortlieb "Mini O-Bag" in arctic blue and black.  Both are completely waterproof and go on and off the bike in a flash.

Brompton offers about 15 different colors, and you can get any two on a bike. There are now four different handlebar configurations, four distinct drivetrain options (plus "higher" and "lower" options), and six different front bags and one rear bag. Add to all that the superlative B-Bag for carrying the bike, and the Bike Cover for those quick Metro trips, with it's own saddle bag, and you have a complete system of bikes and accessories that add up to a  terrific bicycle to take with you anywhere and everywhere. So come on in and give them a try!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Easter Sunday

We will be closed, Easter Sunday, April 8th. We hope you and your families have a wonderful day.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Folding Bikes on Metrobus Racks?

A post and comments on the Chasing Mailboxes blog today reminded me that I've been meaning to post these photos for some time now.  We get asked now and then about whether or not a folding bike can fit on the racks that are mounted on the front of Metro buses, and Charles shared his experience with me, and took these pictures. The answer, at least in the case of a Brompton, is yes! I suspect other folding bikes can be mounted on the racks in much the same manner, but you may want to pick a less busy time to try it out, so you're not tying up a bunch of anxious commuters!

Check out the pictures and attached video to see how it's done!

Friday, February 03, 2012

Things We Like - Episode 1: Pumps

We're going to try something new here... periodically posting a "Things We Like" post on some bike, trike, part or accessory that we've had particularly good experience with. As a rule, we stock things we like, but these will be items that really stand out, or are things we are frequently asked about.

So today we're starting with floor pumps. Everyone who rides a bike should own a floor pump, as it's really the best way to maintain proper tire pressure. You may not realize it, but ALL bicycle tires lose air over time, often a significant amount in as little as a week. And many of us have had the annoying experience of using a poor quality pump which does more to raise your blood pressure than the tire pressure.

These two pumps are the ones we've settled on as the best to carry in the store.  On the left is the Topeak Joe Blow Sport II, a solid, reliable pump with a steel body and versatile locking "Twin Head" that works with both Schaeder (like your car) and Presta valves (those skinny valves unique to bikes).  At about $45, it's a good pump at a reasonable price.

The pump on the right is one of the Lezyne Floor Drive series of pumps, which retail at around $70 or so. Depending on the specific version, these have steel or alloy bodies, a sturdy metal base, comfortable and stylish wooden handle, and a very well designed head that works on both types of valves as well. An extra feature of the Lezyne head is that it is very compact, so it fits into tight spaces, such as the small wheels of a folding bike, recumbent, or child's bike. The Floor Drive is the pump we use the most in our service area, so you know we like it.

One feature common to both pumps is that they are serviceable and spare parts are available for them in case things wear out. That being said, you should be able to get years of use out of either of them with little to no maintenance.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

And two more Tern models arrive!

We just received two more models of Terns, the Link P7i with 7 speed internally geared hub, dynamo lighting system, fenders, and rack, and the Link P24h with 3 speed hub and 8 speed derailleur combined to give you 24 gears. The P7i is priced at $1200 and the P24h is $950.

P7i on the left, P24h on the right.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

And a few folding bikes from Breezer!

As mentioned here a while back, we are once again selling Breezer bikes. In addition to the commuting models we've had in the past, they also offer a few folding bike models, two of which we just got in... the Zig 7 and the Zag 8. Now, if they look a lot like Dahons, that's because they are made for Breezer by Dahon. Not really a big surprise, a variety of bike companies have sold "re-badged" Dahons under their own names (Trek probably being the best known).

By way of comparison, the Zig 7 is very similar to the Dahon Speed D7, but with an aluminum frame instead of steel, and priced at $499, compared to the Speed D7 at $639.  The Zag 8, shown above, is very much like a Dahon Speed P8, but again with an aluminum frame, and priced at $799 vs. $879 for the Speed P8.

Saturday, January 07, 2012

More Terns!

We now have a total of four models of Tern folding bikes in the shop, with more to come as time goes by.

In the photo, we have, from left to right:

Link P9 (available in black with red graphics, as shown) - $900
Link D7i  (available in black with grey graphics, as shown) - $800
Link D8 (available in grey with orange graphics, as shown, or black with blue graphics) - $600
Link C7 (available in white with blue graphics, as shown, or black with grey graphics) - $450

All are very well made and sweet riding bikes. With a very well thought out fold.  Check out the links (no pun intended) above to find out more.  Better yet, come on in and give them a test ride!