Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Doing the things that you should have done yesterday

The summer has sailed passed. I came in today with the intention of clearing out the basement and getting the used and consignment bikes organized. I am in that process and I'm lowering prices on the bikes that have not sold. I am also taking photos to list bikes that have come in and escaped my attention until now.

Please look at our used bike blog http://bavused.blogspot.com/ There are lots of recumbents plus some quality uprights.

Ryan surrounded by red

Originally uploaded by bikes@vienna
Ryan Bannon has started helping in the store several days a week. I captured him early Sunday morning as he switched a tube at the Reston Bike Club's Century ride.

Ryan is not normally that red. It is a combination of the tent and banner, I think.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Ponder this

In an email inquirying about one of our used recumbents was this nugget of information which is worth pondering.

100 bicycles can be manufactured for the energy and materials it takes to build a medium-size car.
---Worldwatch Institute