Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Day Reminder

Just a reminder... bikes@vienna will be CLOSED New Year's Day! We will re-open at noon on Sunday, January 2nd, and will have hot beverages and maybe some treats for folks.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Winter Time is Project Bike Time!

Did Santa or someone who thinks you're special bring you a super-cool bike or frameset for Christmas? Or a pile of new parts or accessories to spruce up your current bike? Or maybe you just want to splurge and "make" yourself a bike that's just right for you?

Well, winter is the perfect season to bring such projects in to your local friendly bike shop! With fewer folks riding, the service area is running at a more sane pace, so we can take the extra time it takes to help you create your dream ride. Tim will gladly talk with you about what you want and need, and work with you to figure out how to best get there. Itching for some shiny new metal fenders to lend some extra class to that old steel road bike? Or maybe it's time for a new set of wheels, perhaps with that dynamo hub you've been thinking of. Even if it's simply getting a full overhaul of your bike, right down to fresh grease in all the bearings... whatever the project, now's the best time to get it going. So come on in and talk to us!

Monday, December 27, 2010

A Good Christmas Eve...

... for us and for our customers!

In addition to the evening Luminaria Ride, we had a nice little flurry of activity during the day. Three new happy Brompton owners were introduced to their bikes, and one happy fella went off with a shiny, new, black Optima Baron!

Here's one of our new Brompton riders, with her brand new P6R in our parking lot. Many happy miles ahead!

Hours for New Year's

Hey Gang!

Just wanted to let folks know our plans for the next holiday weekend.

We will be open regular hours Wednesday through Friday, 10 - 6, and CLOSED New Year's Day. We will be open from 12 to 5 on Sunday, January 2nd, and will have hot beverages and some cookies and other treats as well. Come on by!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve Ride Was Fun!

Just a quick post to say that tonight's Luminaria Ride was a very good time for all. We had six riders in all, including my friend Steven from NYC who organizes the Brommie Yummie rides for Brompton owners. He and his father-in-law joined us for the ride, along with a few other loyal customers. We were out about an hour, looping around the local neighborhoods where folks had put out luminaria for the evening. If you've never seen such a display, you should try to find one near you... small bags with lighted candles inside give a lovely glow to the evening.

It was a very mellow ride, fueled with cookies and snacks people brought beforehand. We sang a few Christmas carols, lead by Ed, Steven's father-in-law (a former minister). All in all a very nice time, and a great way to end the week leading up to Christmas. Mark your calendars for next year!

Now we're closing up shop and heading home. All of us here at bikes@vienna wish all of you a very Merry Christmas, and wonderful holiday season! Remember, we'll be here on Sunday if you'd like to stop by!

Monday, December 20, 2010

bikes@vienna for the Holidays!

Hey Gang!

Just want to let folks know our plans here for the Christmas holiday.

First, we WILL be having the Christmas Eve Luminaria ride! We'll start riding at about 7:00 pm, but come by the shop a little early and we'll have hot cider, coffee, tea, and some other goodies, starting at 5:30.

Second, we will be CLOSED Christmas Day. We wish you all a wonderful holiday!

Finally... if you find you didn't quite get what you wanted from Santa this year, we are open on Sunday, the day after Christmas. Come on by and test ride a bike or trike! Or buy yourself that spiffy accessory you've been wanting, that Santa somehow overlooked. We'll have hot beverages and maybe some other treats, so come on by.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Eve Ride

In years past, bikes@vienna has organized a Christmas Eve ride around a local neighborhood that sets out luminaria. Last year we had to cancel due to snow, but it's been a nice event other years. We'd like to get a feel for how many folks would be up for it, figuring a start time around 7pm on Christmas Eve. Anyone up for it? Drop us an email at, come by the shop, or call!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sale on Mezzo Folding Bikes!

As the year winds down and the holidays approach, it's time to have a sale! So we're marking down all of our Mezzo D-9, D-10, and I-4 folding bikes. Buy before the new year and get $100 off any of these fun folding bikes. The D-9 and I-4 share the same frame, shown above, while the D-10 has its own unique frame design, which you can see at the link below. The D-9 and D-10 have derailleur drive trains, 9 and 10 speed, respectively, while the I-4 uses a 4 speed Shimano Nexus internally geared hub.

Regular price for the D-9 is $1035, but during this limited time offer, you can have one for $935.
I-4s normally sell for $965, now $865, and D-10s are now $1250, down from $1350.

Come on in for a test ride!

Mezzo Folding Bikes Home Page

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ineresting piece from BBC News

Thanks to Google Alerts, I ran across this story online:

Now, as a bike shop owner, you'd think I wouldn't post a link to a story that basically says your commute won't be any faster if you buy a spiffy, new, light, "fast" bike. But honestly, my philosophy is that a lot of folks agonize over a gram here and a gram there, and "which tire is faster", etc, when what they should focus on instead is having fun and getting exercise and getting around.

To put it another way... when someone comes to me talking about how many grams lighter something is, I suggest they go to an office supply store and heft a box of paperclips. That's 100 grams right there, in the palm of your hand. Now how much does that matter? Really?

That's not to say a "nicer" bike isn't going to be a more enjoyable bike to ride. It almost certainly will be... there are reasons for the price differences between bikes. Just don't start thinking that it's going to miraculously increase your speed.

Now where DID this soapbox come from? Hmmmm... (stepping down)

Monday, December 06, 2010

Gift Certificates!

Hey gang!

The holiday season is here, so now is the perfect time to come in and get a bikes@vienna gift certificate for those folks on your "nice" list!

We offer general-purpose certificates, made out to any denomination, personalized for the recipient, and valid for any purchase at the store.

Now we are also offering "Tuneup Certificates", good for the LABOR charges only, for a "standard tuneup" here at bikes@vienna. A standard tuneup covers a wipe-down and inspection of the frame and wheels, adjustment of the brake and gear systems, wheel truing, and adjustment of any bearing assemblies that require adjustment. Any parts needed would be at additional cost. These certificates sell for $70, the current charge for a standard tuneup. We anticipate having to raise our labor charges after the first of the year, but the certificate will still cover the full labor charge of a tuneup, regardless. The only catch is that the bearer of the certificate must use it by April 1st, 2011. This will hopefully reduce the mad rush we typically get in April, and make it more likely the gift recipient will get their bike back quickly!

So come on in and take care of your holiday shopping today!


We apologize for yet another revision to our hours, but we've decided to try something different. Starting December 12th, our new hours will be:

Sunday: Noon to 5:00pm
Monday: CLOSED
Tuesday: CLOSED
Wednesday - Saturday: 10:00am to 6:00pm

Please make a note of the new hours.


In Preparation for the Holidays...

... Daniel here is one of several folks fixing up bikes for the annual holiday bike event organized by the Committee Helping Others, a local charitable group. We've helped them out for a number of years, by both collecting and fixing up bikes. Here's Daniel, "test-riding" one that he's just worked on. Ordinarily I'd have scolded him for not wearing a helmet, but honestly he wasn't going anywhere on such a small bike. But it was fun to see him "scootering" along on it.

I'd also like to remind folks that we still have a food collection box in the shop, also provided by CHO. Please bring in any non-perishable foods you'd like to donate for those less well off than you.

Thanks! And may the holiday season be good to all of you.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

New Sunday Hours (reminder)!

Hey folks!

Just a reminder, starting Sunday, December 5th, we will be open from noon until 5:00pm on Sundays.


Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Farewell to John

Monday night's party was a great success. Lots of folks came to bid farewell to John, Ces, and Java (CJ, their cat, was unable to attend... cats in crowds just don't do well). The folks from Fairfax Advocates for Better Bicycling turned out to present John with the first ever Friend of FABB Award, a really great photo collage of John in his many roles. You can see their coverage of the event on the FABB blog: .

All in all, it was a good time, though it's hard to see John go. I'm glad people had a chance to say goodbye though, and that he got a chance to get some sense of how many lives he has touched. He's a good man, and will be sorely missed.

(Photo above is John receiving FABB award from Bruce Wright, president of FABB. Photo below is John with Drew and Adam, who worked for John in the beginning.)

If anyone has more photos, please feel free to share. A few of mine are here:

Farewell to John Brunow Nov 29, 2010