Friday, January 30, 2015

National Park Service proposing increased and expanded fees for C&O Canal

As many of you know, the National Park Service is proposing increasing and expanding fees for users of the C&O Canal. Public comment is being taken online as well as at public meetings. The nearest meeting to us is at Glen Echo next Thursday, February 5th at 7pm. If you have thoughts or opinions on this matter, please contribute! More info at the links...

C&O Canal Proposal

C&O Canal Fees meetings and input

Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Amazing Hase Pino!

Where can you go on a Hase Pino tandem? Well, as the father/son team who ride this one have shown, pretty much anywhere! They've decorated their bike with stickers from many of the places they've traveled, some of which you can see here.  If you're not familiar with the Pino, it's a remarkable bike that, unlike most tandems, allows both riders a great view of where they're going. In addition, the stoker is in front of the captain, allowing the person controlling the bike to see their stoker and communicate with them better. Adjustable to a wide range of sizes, it's a great choice for  many riding pairs.

This particular bike features a few special modifications to better serve the young man who sits in the front (stoker) seat.  Shock cords help hold his feet on the pedals, a cycle computer allows him to track speed and distance, an array of bells and horns (one parrot shaped, the other a killer whale), with a yoga mat added to the seat for just an extra bit of comfort.  Finally, they've added the extra sturdy kickstand that provides stability while the stoker mounts and dismounts.

All in all, the Pino is a remarkable bike.  If you're considering a tandem, you owe it to yourself to come and try it out!
Trier and the Bodensee 
Austria, Germany, Luxembourg

Remich and Munich

Maginot Line