Friday, April 30, 2010

May 8th Plant Sale/Ride There

A visit to the store or following this blog tells you that we are interested in the health of Mother Nature.  An example is the sugar snap peas growing in the large green pots put in front of the store.  Yes, yes, we do like to graze on the fruit of the plants as we watch customers test ride bikes and trikes.

The Ayr Hill Garden Club will hold their Plant Sale on Saturday, May 8th.  It is a wonderful opportunity for you to purchase local plants.  We have a suggestion for you.  You need to get there early.  Saturday mornings are the Vienna Farmers Market in that same area.  We set out the bike racks for the Farmers Market and we'll provide bike racks for the Plant Sale.  So riding your bike is a good thing.   If you must drive then come park in our lot and walk or ride your bike the block and a half to the activities.

How about coming to see us this weekend to buy a basket or pannier so you are ready for this season of Farmers Markets?

Monday, April 12, 2010

TerraTrike Rover Announcement Spreads Excitement

Today's announcement from TerraTrike of the 3 speed ($799) and 8 speed ($999) Rovers has the trike enthusiasts communicating on the web this morning.  This trike seems to fit a need for individuals interested in a tadpole trike and a lower cost.  With the raised seat it solves problems for people like me with bad knees who are challenged by getting up from many tadpoles.

You can read a review about the Rover at bentRider on line.  Just click on 'BentRider

bikes@vienna has Rovers on order.  The last report was that the trikes would arrive in mid May.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Even Greater Comfort for a Carbon Seat

Our customer, Dave Krovetz, sought even more comfort for his
recumbent. He contacted the folks at Alaska Leather and they custom
produced a sheepskin seat cover. Actually they produced a couple.
Dave sent me one and so I'm mugging with it. soooooofffffffffttttt.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Advertising in the Georgetowner Newspaper

Today the Georgetowner Newspaper is being distributed with a quarter page ad featuring our folding bikes.  This ad shows a Brompton in Apple Green.  We chose this color Brompton for two reasons; it's a good color for Spring and we just got a P Model 6 Speed in Apple Green  to sell.

The Brompton compact fold and the rear suspension on the Brompton bikes makes it a good choice for folks living in Georgetown.  The bike will fit in the back of a vehicle, in a closet, or behind the couch for storage.  It can be used as a cart for shopping trips to the grocery as our own Tim Fricker does when he goes to Whole Foods.  It is quick and makes trips to Metro stations at Foggy Bottom or Rosslyn easier.  Why hail a cab when you can zip across town on your bike?

We've been spacing our orders of Bromptons to have "fresh" models for you to consider.  Come see us.  If you're coming from Georgetown ride Metro to Vienna Station.  Use your cell phone to call us when you reach East Falls Church and we'll pick you up Thursdays through Monday.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

More information about the positive impact of cycling on Parkinsons patients

The New York Times on March 31 published an article on a study being done with Parkinsons patients and cycling.  It is worth reading.  Please go to: