Friday, June 28, 2013

A European Adventure With Bromptons!

A while back a customer came in to buy her second Brompton, explaining that she and her daughter were planning a trip to Europe and wanted to both have Bromptons for exploring. Here are some pictures from their adventures as they traveled about Europe, visiting Copenhagen, Lyon, Stockholm, and London, as well as traveling a bit of the English countryside. Amazing how much fun a folding bike can add to your travels!  Many thanks to Elizabeth for sharing these.

In the Copenhagen airport!
Bike parking in Copenhagen.

Mom and the Bromptons with the gear they carried.

Apparently the pile of stuff to the right was carried on the rider's backs.

Here's how the bikes were loaded.

Brompton in Lyon, France.

Daughter and Bromptons in Stockholm.

Apparently, English cows like Bromptons!