Thursday, November 21, 2019

Make Black Friday a Green Friday!

Once again, we're going to be CLOSED on Black Friday (11/29/19).  Since none of us here are really fond of braving the crowds on Black Friday at other stores, we're going to try something different... we're going for a bike ride!

Many of you probably recall our famous Guilt Reduction Rides, which used to be held on Thanksgiving Day.  Since then we've moved the ride to Black Friday, as we got feedback from folks that it was tough to squeeze it into Thanksgiving Day.  Think about it... a bike ride in the fresh air, or sitting in traffic, fighting your way to some big box store sale?  AND you get to burn off some of those calories you consumed the night before!

We'll leave from the shop at 10:00am, so please try to get here a bit ahead of that.  Our destination is the train station in downtown Herndon.  We'll have coffee and tea and perhaps some treats back at the shop.

Since we're a drop off point for donated food for the folks at the Committee Helping Others, we encourage everyone to bring some canned goods to help out those less fortunate!