Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Beekeeper Statue

Originally uploaded by bikes@vienna
Our digital photography is typically photos of family and bicycles. Ces was taking photos the other day as I looked through my bee hives. She clicked this photo of her geraniums with me in the background looking at a frame as I tried to locate the queen. I look like a statue.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Batavus bike arrives

Earlier John discussed the new Batavus Personal Delivery Bike that he saw at Interbike this year. It arrived yesterday and John promptly assembled in and took the first test ride. That's him with a boxed bike on the front rack, held on by a bungie cord. There is room for a couple of more boxes on the rear rack.

The bike comes with a Shimano Dynamo front hub for the lighting system, a three-speed Shimano Nexus rear hub, and an integrated lock for the rear wheel. It's a very stable, comfortable ride. Why not stop in for a test ride.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Batavus Personal Delivery Bike

Batavus Cargo
Originally uploaded by Hugger Industries
During InterBike I took photos of this Batavus Personal Delivery Bike. They did not come out as nice as this photo from Flickr that was uploaded by Hugger Industries.

Last week we had a conversation in the store about how many people come into the store and comment on how our business must be growing with the escalating cost of gasoline. While we are see some increased interest in baskets, racks and panniers it is still a trickle compared to what people assume is happening.

This Batavus Personal Delivery Bike and sales of similar bikes to this one will be a signal that Americans are moving to the bicycle for transportation. I expect to see growing sales of folding bikes first. The lack of bike routes and safe bike access will lead to people driving to a location, unfolding their folder and doing their errands in that area with their gasoline powered vehicle parked.

I suppose that you can call this intermodal transportation. I expect to see more folding bike to Metro trips. Change is coming and like everyone else I am trying to figure it out.

This coming week we'll have a Batavus Personal Delivery Bike in the store for a test. No it is not a recumbent or trike or folding bike, but it is a niche and you know how I like niches.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Bromptons are Here!

Okay, I'll send out the word, since I was the big advocate for carrying them... our first shipment of Brompton folding bikes has arrived! These bikes are handbuilt in England, and feature a quick and ingenious folding system that makes for a remarkably compact package. And added feature is that they have rollers that make it possible to roll them around when folded.

We have an assortment of colors and at least one each of the three different handlebar designs... see our home page for an explanation, or go to:

To see the fold in action, check out:

So how do they ride? Great! Sure, it won't make you throw out your favorite recumbent or road bike, but you'll be surprised at how "normal" it feels and how fun it is to ride. So come on in and give one a spin.

Now that they're here, boy do I want one!

An interesting feature is that when you tuck the rear wheel under the bike (the first step in folding), the bike ends up free-standing, allowing you to "park" the bike:

And to the left you see the bike fully folded... a very tiny package!