Friday, April 21, 2006

A New Rental Service.....Birdy in a Bag

Birdy&Bag1, originally uploaded by bikes@vienna.

The Birdy and bag shown in the photo represent a new service from bikes@vienna. We are now renting two Birdys with bags for your airline and train travels. Want to take Amtrak to New York for the Five Boro Ride with a bright red Birdy in a bag? We can help. Want to fly to Key West and explore on a bright red Birdy? We can help. Ever dreamed of going to __________ (you fill in the blank) and seeing so much more on a bike than walking or driving? Yep, we can help.

We have a different set of rates for this service and it will be several days before we get those prices posted. Send us an email for more information,,,,,,,,,

Java Reclined and a Small Town Story

JavaReclined, originally uploaded by bikes@vienna.

This Java sleeps in an interesting position. Bruce snapped this photo of her on Thursday afternoon. She is totally relaxed. People walking and talking as she lies there on her back.

This is a Java story about Vienna being a small town.

I walked Java up to the store on Wednesday morning. Our walk included a stop at the bank for me to make a deposit. Although she is getting too big, I picked Java up and carried her into the bank. The nice teller handled my deposit and talked about Java noting her name and age.

Hours later daughter Sara went into the bank to cash her paycheck from the store. As fate would have it she went to the same teller. She had left her identification in the car, but the teller noted the matching last names of the payee and payor. As Sara offered to go get her drivers license, the teller said that wouldn’t be necessary if she could answer two questions:

What is the puppy’s name? How old is the puppy? The check was cashed.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

The New Bike Friday SatRDay and Al Tyre

SaturdayAl, originally uploaded by bikes@vienna.

We have the new SatRDay in the store for test rides. Unbelieveably this bike fits in a checkable suitcase. It has suspension. It is a very comfortable seat.

The handsome man in the photo is bikes@vienna's own Al Tyre. Al owns half a dozen recumbents, but not a folding, packable recumbent. See that expression? He's excited about test riding the new SatRDay.

Come ride the SatRDay and place your order for this new foldable recumbent from Bike Friday.

Cool spring riding days

We've been lucky this spring with some excellent riding weather. The plants need more rain, but I've enjoyed the lack of wet conditions throughout the spring. If you haven't been out riding, now is the time to get out there. It won't be long before the hot summer temperatures will make midday riding unpleasant.

Even though it's been a little cool, I think the conditions are ideal. A light windbreaker is all that's needed to keep you warm after a few miles. There are almost no insects, and on the cool days there aren't that many people out riding. When the temperatures are in the 60's and 70's the trails will be very crowded, so it's best to anticipate a slower pace or find a good on-road route.

If your bike needs work, the shop is a little backed up but we can probably get your bike back to you within a week or so for most tune ups and minor repairs. This is also the time to come in and check out our new bikes. The shipments come in daily and it's the time of year when you have the best selection of models, colors and sizes.

Don't forget that Bike to Work Day is next month on Friday, May 19. To register go to WABA's website. If you're not a member, now is a good time to join WABA, although you don't have to be a member to participate in Bike to Work Day.

See you on the trail.