Saturday, February 27, 2010

Real Ready for Spring

The tulips are from the Home & Garden Show held at the Dulles Expo
Center. Ces and I went there this evening and the landscaping
displays reinforced how much I am ready for Spring.

Oh yes, I long for a sunny, warm day with this degree of color. Soon,
soon I hope.

Friday, February 26, 2010

25th Bay to Bay Ride on Sunday, June 27

I did not tell you, but one of my resolutions for this year involves alerting people to the many delightful cycling events in our area.  Here's one for you.

The Lions Club of Chestertown, MD is again staging their Bay to Bay Ride which begins at 7 AM and consists of five routes ranging in length from 27 to 104 miles.  The ride raises money to support Leader Dogs for the Blind.  Not surprisingly, blind riders can participate for free.  Otherwise the cost of participation is $20 until May 15, $25 from May 16 to June 26, and $30 on the day of the event.  There are no refunds.

Registration uses (  You can get more information at

Back open on Thursdays, begins March 18

You may have noticed that we have been open four days a week during these wintery months.  You thought we were closed for the winter?  THAT may explain our lack of business.

Thursday, March 18 we begin being open five days a week (Sunday, Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday).  In mid April I'll resume Appointment Tuesdays.  This is a day for people to make appointments to come and test ride bikes.  I believe that people need to test ride to make a good decision about purchasing a bike or trike.  Many of my customers are working to overcome a physical limitation so it takes several test rides to insure the best choice.  I'll let you know when Appointment Tuesdays get underway.

The bikes@vienna staff is going to take a couple of three day journeys this summer.  The Great Allegheny Passage and the  C&O Canal are calling to us.  We'll let you know as we plan our escapes to ride our bikes and trikes.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fairfax Budget Recommendations Delete Bicycle Efforts

This morning's Washington Post reports that the Fairfax  County Executive Anthony Griffin has recommended to the Board of Supervisors tax increases (return of the car tax), layoffs, and 257 million in cuts.  The story lists elimination of " the bicycle signage and maps program ($214,000)".  In an additional story the Post tells that additional cuts  include "Eliminate the county's bicycle program, which created lanes near the Vienna Metro station, the Merrifield Town Center, the Fairfax County Government Center, Reston and Tysons Corner. Savings: $213,641".

These are tough times.  It is my perception that in difficult economic times the bicycle becomes more widely used.  Riding bikes to Metro to avoid the parking fees is an example.  In fact, the Board of Supervisors may find that now is the time to take steps to enhance the use of bikes and pedestrian traffic to lower budget costs.  Transportation cost for the Fairfax County School District are substantial.  Embracing the Safe Routes To Schools (SRTS) program to reduce bus use has potential.  Undoubtedly there would be cost shifts implementing SRTS.  Bus driver positions may become crossing guard jobs.  Across this nation SRTS has grown in popularity for what it does for children's health, but I think it should also be considered for its budget impact.

Essentially doing away with funding for Fairfax County's fledgling bike program is short sighted.  The county bike map, bike racks on buses, beginning implementation of bike lanes to population centers, and a voice in planning changes in Tyson Corner, Merrifield, and Metro West were accomplishments with merit.  I'm going to end this entry and write messages to my Fairfax County Supervisor,  the three Supervisors that I have met at events, and the Chairman of the Board asking that they not delete the bicycle programs.  I would ask that you do the same.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Adventure Cycling Family Ride through History

Adventure Cycling Family Ride through History.
July 10-16 2010
A 7 day cycling through history along George Washington’s route West.
            This is a camping trip designed and planned for kids’ ages 9 to 18 that are accompanied by an adult over 25 to ride with them.  We will start in our nations capital Washington DC, where we will take a bus to the terminus of the C&O Canal in Cumberland.
            In the Queen City a 16-year-old surveyors assistant from the Gent survey team, by the name of George Washington, will meet us. Who surveyed these grounds in 1748.  We will tour the C&O Canal Museum and other historical sights in the area.
            Cycling for the next 6 days covering between 30 and 45 miles per day we will continue to take part in the living history of the area.  With encounters with 17thcentury Native Americans, French and Indian War troops from the 1750’s.  The riders will take part in a reenactment of the famous Irish brigades attack of Sept 17, 1862 at Bloody Lane on the actual site at the Antietam National Battlefield.  
            We will end the trip with an outstanding cycling tour of the National Mall in DC by the National Park Service Friday July 16th. 
  If you want more information on the this exciting ride through history check out the Adventure Cycling Association’s web site on this ride.
            Our team has been leading cycling tours along this route since the end of the last century and this is by far the most exciting trip we have put together on this route.  If you are looking for an exciting and educational adventure for a grandchild, Niece or Nephew check this exciting trip out. 
Please let me  know if you are interested or know of anyone who would like to join this exciting ride through history.

Larry J Brock
Adventure Cycling Guide
914 Lexington Ave
Cumberland, Md 21502


Saturday, February 20, 2010

And there I was, using a shovel!

But now that John is back, we've got heavy equipment at work! Soon
the front of the shop should be totally clear. Ah, technology!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

We Have a Path... Again!

Once again, I've cleared a path to the front door. Closed today
(Thursday), but planning to be here on Friday. Watch this space for

Monday, February 08, 2010

On the roof

Shoveling ! Since they're calling for another 5 - 10" soon, figured I
should lighten the load up here.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

NYC Converts Parking Meters Into Bike Racks

The NewYork Post reports that 225 parking meters will be converted to
bike racks. Meters on the Upper East and West sides, Park Slope,
Riverdale, and Ridgewood will have their heads removed and be turned
into bike racks. The new racks will replace every third or fourth

The NYC Transportation Commissioner, Janette Sadik-Khan told the Post
that cycling increased by 26% in 2009. Currently NYC has one bike
rack for every 30 cyclists according to Transportation Alternatives.

John Brunow
128 Church Street,NW
Vienna,VA. 22180

A Path To Our Door!

Well, John and Tim did some shovelling, and now there's a path to our
front door. At this point, Tim is planning to be at the shop from
noon to 5:00 pm on Monday. Watch this spot for updates. And it
wouldn't hurt to call before heading our way.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Closed Saturday, February 6 and Sunday, February 7

We're going to closed for the weekend.  The storm has turned out to be what was predicted.  The volume of snow and the colder temperatures forcast for the first of the week make us believe it will take more time to clear streets and parking lots.  Please call us before coming to visit on Monday.

We hope you are safe, dry, and warm.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

One Less Car Symposium

It looked like a daunting trip early this morning with the new snow
and then foggy, but the trip was't bad. Bruce Wright of FABB and
Susan Stillman of the Vienna Bicycle Advisory Committee braved the
trip with me.

The turnout for the symposium was strong despite the weather . People
were excited to talk about alternative transportation.

The photo shows a new sign for exhibits and a flashy yellow Brompton.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Watching the snow. Are we going to the One Less Car Symposium?

Like many people in this part of the world, I'm watching the snow fall.

I'm trying to estimate if I'll be able to go to the One Less Car Symposium tomorrow.  The snow is coming right down, we'll see.

I'm taking a Nihola Family Trike to display.  I found our easel and had a sign made.  Over there to the left is the flyer that I got put together as a handout.  I had to learn a bit about a software package I have not used before.

There are five other people car pooling with me.  This will be a good symposium on bicycling and pedestrian issues.  Now if the snow will stop falling ...........