Thursday, March 27, 2008

It is a wonderful gift.

ViennaComm 20080404 Flyer
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Seems like this blog has become a community billboard recently, but there is lots going on. The displayed flyer is for the blood drive scheduled for Friday, April 4th at the Vienna Community Building.

I give blood every two months. It is good, rich blood laced with plenty of fat. It takes about 45 minutes. I feel good about my donation.

My appointment is late in the morning. Join me for orange juice and Fig Newtons when we're finished.

9th Annual Providence District Environmental Fair

bikes@vienna gets all kinds of opportunities to make donations of goods and services. This Saturday is the Providence District Environmental Fair and we'll be there providing some basic bicycle repair and evaluations. While this is an event close to our core values it is also a way to say thank you to Providence District Supervisor Linda Smyth. Supervisor Symth continues to be a supporter of improving conditions for biking in Fairfax County. Each Bike To Work Day she comes early in the morning to the Vienna Pit Stop to talk to cyclists. Her support for creating the Fairfax County Bike Coordinator position, researching and publishing the new Fairfax bicycle map, and efforts to improve bike parking in commercial areas are reasons that she is appreciated.

This fair is Saturday from 9 to 12 at Fairhill School. It looks like an interesting event. I'd suggest that it would be a good opportunity to say thank you to Supervisor Symth for what she does for cycling and the environment. That is the reason that bikes@vienna will be there.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Yoga For Cyclists

Yoga For Cyclists
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My friend, Luann Fulbright, is a wonderful yoga instructor. I've taken classes from her for several years. Tim Fricker is now enrolled in her classes. During a recent visit by her to bikes@vienna we got talking about a yoga class that would help prepare individuals for the cycling season. The result was Luann setting up a series of four classes to be taught on Sunday afternoons during April at her studio. bikes@vienna is co-sponsoring the classes.

Please click on the flyer and learn more about these classes. I think you will both enjoy and benefit from Luann's instruction.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

BTWD is Friday, May 16th

BTWD Rack Card
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This is a request ............ go to your calendar and mark Friday, May 16 and Friday, May 9. May 16 is Bike To Work Day. May 9 is the last day you can register for BTWD and if you are one of the first 7,000 riders be eligible to receive the prestigious BTWD T-shirt.

Big red circles on those days because this is going to be a noteworthy day for the Vienna Pit Stop. My plans are to expand the size of the event. I go to Spokes this afternoon to talk with Jeff Palmer about their participation this year. My Whole Foods partner, Ann Biesel, is going to the Alexandria Whole Foods so there will be a new Whole Foods person with which to work this year.

You mark your calendar. I'm going to get working.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

EZ-3 SX Connected

EZ-3 SX Connected
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Al Tyre and Jae Im are shown on a set of EZ-3 SX connected with a Van-Guard Manufacturing connector. Consider that the trikes can be pedaled and braked independently. Yes, the rider in front (captain) is doing the steering, but the rider in the rear (stoker) controls their own resistance, cadence, and some braking.

The cost of the trikes and connector is $2135. That brakes down as $980 per trike and $175 for the connector. This is based on costs as of 3.1.08. Sun Cycles is preparing to increase their price for the EZ-3 SX trike

Click on this photo to go to photos on which will show the connector more clearly.

EZ-1s set up as a Socialable Tandem

Socialable EZ-1
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In an effort to find more opportunities for people to enjoy cycling together bikes@vienna has brought in the socialable tandem kit from Black Bird Manufacturing. As you can see in the photo........take two EZ-1 recumbents and add the connector kit which hooks the frames together, synchronizes the steering, and creates a platform between the bikes.

This configuration has so many potentials. The seats on the EZ-1s slide along the frame of the bike so an individual 6'4" and an individual much, much shorter can ride together. The pedaling is independent so riders of different strengths and stamina can enjoy riding together. Can there be wrestling over the steering, yes there can. This unit promotes socialability.

bikes@vienna sells the EZ-1 recumbent for $680. The kit adds $750 to the cost. Let's just call the cost $2050.