Monday, May 28, 2012

Basic maintenance class next Sunday June 3

There is plenty of room in our basic bicycle maintenance class scheduled for Sunday, June 3 from 6-8pm. The class costs $45, which includes a simple tool kit worth $22.

Topics covered include flat repair, brake and gear adjustments, basic lubrication, and performing a safety check on your bicycle. In addition, we'll discuss tools and equipment needed to work on your bike. Call 703-938-8900, contact Bruce at, or stop by the store and sign up. Please arrange to pay in advance so we know how many people to expect.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Welcome back!

This week marks the return of several of our staff who have been away at college this year. Nathan, who started with us last year, will be starting to work again this week, coming in on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday for now. He'll be with us all summer.

Robert, who has been with us now for four years, on and off, will be making a brief surprise return engagement here this week and next. It's a long, involved story (ask him about the ice axe), but he will be helping us out while he waits for what's next for him this summer.  If you want to catch up with him, you'll have to come by before June 1st, as he heads back west then.

Finally, I should have alerted folks a few weeks ago that Reed, longtime employee at bikes@vienna (I believe he has the longest history with the shop of anyone currently here) is working for us again until July.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Free goodies!

One of our grab baskets of free stuff we're giving away today.

Bike to Work Day

Here are a few of the early birds today. We are at the Vienna pit stop this morning giving out free stuff. Come on by!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

New Breezer Uptown Infinity

We just got in a new (to us) version of Breezer's Uptown commuter bike... the Uptown Infinity! What's so special about this model? Well, it uses the NuVinci N360 continuously variable planetary gear hub. What the heck does that mean?

Most bicycle gearing systems today have distinct "steps", specific click stops for each individual gear, corresponding some some combination of sprockets and such that alters the amount of your effort and speed. The NuVinci system, in contrast, is infinitely variable... there are NO clicks.  You just twist the shifter, and feel a smooth increase or decrease in force required to turn the pedals. And instead of a numbered sequence of distinct "gears", the shifter shows you a graphic of a bike traveling on a line that ranges from flat to sloped like a hill. Pretty cool. 

Like the Uptown 8, the Infinity comes ready to ride, ready to commute or shop.  Rack, fenders, bell, built in dynamo powered lighting system, this bike has it all... AND a very cool shifting system.  At $1219, it's a good buy, and a handsome bike.  Available in both standard and "step through" frames.  Come on in and check it out!