Monday, June 11, 2012

Travels with Bromptons

Bromptons overlooking Church Bay, Bermuda
If you came by the shop near the end of May, you probably heard that Tim was away on a family cruise, to celebrate his mom's 85th birthday. What you might not have learned was that he and his girlfriend carried their two Brompton folding bikes on the cruise ship, and did a good bit of exploring on Bermuda by bike! We only had one full day and two half days ashore, but I think we managed to squeeze a lot in, thanks in large part to traveling under our own power, on our own timetable. Watch this space for more info about this trip, and general tips on traveling with your bike in future posts.


Char said...

Hi Tim! Hey, great you brought your Bromptons on the cruise recently! :) :) It's great to have your bike when you travel!! :) :) By the way, would you be open to having a demonstration for the Brompton Bike Club of how to change the rear tire? Many Club members have asked me about that.... Let me know - thanks! Charmaine

Tim said...

Charmaine -

Funny you should ask... I'm working on putting together a Brompton specific class at the shop, with the primary focus being the rear tire repair.