Sunday, May 06, 2007

We have the Burley Tail Wagon for sale and rental

Java and I test rode the new Burley Tail Wagon last week. The Tail Wagon is specifically for pets under fifty pounds. Now I must admit that Java exceeds the weight limit on the Tail Wagon by almost twenty pounds so we did test it.

It passed the test.

Soon after I opened the store nine years ago I had a customer come in and ask to rent a Burley trailer to transport a pet. The requests have continued and although we rent Burley trailers I have been reluctant to rent for pet rides because we rent the trailers for children. Some children are allergic to animals so I felt I couldn't rent for both uses.

The Tail Wagon provides the solution. I now have the Tail Wagon for rent to pet owners with pets under fifty pounds. (Yes, I know I put a sixty-six pound Labrador in it, but it's my store.) I'll be charging the same rates as charged for kid trailers and I will apply your rental towards the purchase of a Tail Wagon if you make a decision to buy within sixty days.

Come rent and then buy a Tail Wagon.