Thursday, September 27, 2007

Interbike 2007

John and Tim are attending the Interbike 2007 bike expo held each year in Las Vegas, NV. That's the main reason we're closed today. They will likely have some tales to tell about the latest recumbent and trike news from the show. In the meantime the Recumbent Blog has some great photos of the many new bikes on display at the show, including the Grasshopper FX, the folding short wheelbase recumbent from HP Velotechnik. Ever since Bike Friday stopped production of the SatRDay folding recumbent there have been few options in this category. There are many new offerings from Rans and others as well. For additional info on recumbents at the show see the 'BentRider Online site.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Buchanan Railcar Inn

Buchanan Railcar Inn
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Ces, my wife, and I stayed at the Buchanan Railcar Inn earlier this month. The rail car is an 85 foot long coach with beautiful paneled walls and lots of character. The living room is 45 feet long and tastefully decorated.

I grew up around trains. My father worked for thirty-eight years for what was the CB&Q which became the Burlington Northern and today is the Burlington Northern Santa Fe. As a kid I'd go with him and ride from Centerville, IA to Keokuk, IA or Fort Madison, IA to Bloomfield, IA. Yep, they'd allow me to sit in the engine and blow the whistle as we neared crossings. It was pretty heady stuff for a youngster.

Ces and I enjoyed the experience of having supper with Janie Harris and her husband, Will, who own the Buchanan Railcar Inn. Will is in the business of moving large objects like rail cars and Janie is in the real estate business. They combined their skills and in a short period of time they located the property, prepared the site, moved the rail car, set up the utilities, and completed the decorating. It was a terrific story.

I recommend that if you are traveling to southwestern Virginia you consider a stay at the Buchanan Railcar Inn. It's a delightful experience. If you're a railroad enthusiast then it will be even more enjoyable because the Inn is near a working line and the trains keep coming passed.

For more information go to You'll enjoy looking at the photos.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Piney Branch bridge opens

We are happy to report that the bridge over the Piney Branch that was damaged during a storm last year has finally been repaired. Now you no longer must ride along the gravel trail and temporary steel bridge to cross Piney Branch. It was a dangerous detour due to loose sand and gravel at times, although the park authority tried to keep the surface firm with spot repairs. Our rental bikes will have less dirt on their frames and drivetrains and there should be fewer pinch flats. Our trike owners are also very happy about the repairs.

The past week has been some of the best riding weather of the year. If you haven't been out for a ride, now is the time to enjoy the brisk, clear Fall air.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Two dates we'll be closed in the next month -- 9/27 & 10/8

We will have two days in the next several weeks that we will be closed.

Thursday, September 27 the store will be closed while Tim Fricker and I attend InterBike. InterBike is where many bike companies bring their latest and greatest for a four day event in Las Vegas. We'll be talking to the many companies that we do business with and some companies that we'd like to be representing.

Monday, October 8th the store will be closed for what is the Federal observation of Columbus day. Why Columbus Day when we've been open for lots of other Federal Holidays? Tim is attending a family event in Long Island. I'm driving from the Mississippi River to Virginia after an event.

I apologize in advance to those of you that come to the store those days only to find us closed. We'll try to publicize these closings to reduce the chance of this happening.

Monday, September 10, 2007

IMPORTANT: CO2 inflation device voluntary recall

We have received from Genuine Innovations a notice of their voluntary recall of:

Genuine Innovations Second Wind MTB: Part Numbers 2525, 2525-0, and 3519
Wrench Force Two Shot: Part Numbers 84995, 84995-1, and 80383

The problem described is "The Unit can shatter while under pressure when inflating tires, This poses a risk of injury, such as bruising, lacerations, and ringing in the ears."

Genuine Innovations will provide replacement heads for these devices. Any of these devices shipped since the first of this year have the new head.

If you have a CO2 device I suggest that you look at it to determine if it is a model impacted by this recall. If you have an affected model then take it back to the store from which you purchased it.

Friday, September 07, 2007

A typical Friday morning

2007 - Sept 010
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Tim and I were enjoying a fairly typical Friday morning when this photo was snapped of us. I've just barely had my eyes open. Tim was sharing a bit of humor. SNAP, we were caught.

This is an invitation for you to visit us. I will try to have my eyes open. Tim will have an entertaining story. Most importantly we will work to provide good service and help you get out on your bicycle. A bike ride is an important activity. We understand that fact.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Riding in Italy

Originally uploaded by bikes@vienna
I sell bikes to people and many times I don't know how they use them and whether they are enjoying them. I am always grateful when I receive information about how people are using and enjoying their bikes.

This photo is one of several that Sean Luke sent me of the adventure that he and the lovely lady in his life are having in Italy. They came in and bought two Dahon Helios folders. They brought in suitcases that they had and with some creativity they were able to pack the bikes. My memory is that they plan to leave the bikes in Italy for their use in future years.

In this age of digital cameras and electronic delivery, it is easier to share information about your adventures. Why not send me a photo of you enjoying your bike(s) that you bought at bikes@vienna.

Sean, thank you so much. I can tell by your photos that you had fun on your folding bike in Italy.

What would you do on a folding bike?

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Just a block and one half from the Vienna Caboose

Originally uploaded by bikes@vienna
This Labor Day holiday it again became apparent that bikes@vienna is hidden from the public. I gave directions to the store multiple times and I heard others doing the same. The phone conversation most times begins with an individual on a cell phone asking "Where are you?"

So I thought it might be helpful to use some local landmarks to supplement the fairly good directions on our webpage which is

The Vienna Caboose is an easily identified landmark right next to the W&OD Trail. If you can see the Caboose then you are on Church, Dominion, or Mill Streets. You need to get on Church Street and go south (which is also away from the Presbyterian Church). You'll go through the stop sign at the corner of Center and Church and one half block up on your left is a brick house with a green sign in front which is Terra Christa. bikes@vienna is behind Terra Christa. If you pass the Blackeyed Susan, Great Harvest Bread, or Neilsen Frozen Custard then you have gone too far. If you're across from the Post Office then you've really gone too far.

Okay, let's go back to the Caboose. We ride by it all the time and perhaps you've not stopped and stood on the platform to peer in the window. A caboose was a key component of the American railroad industry for probably a century. Two crew members would travel in the caboose as the eyes at the rear of the train. Originally these crew members would use laterns to communicate with the front end crew. Today cabooses are not used for typical train operation. You see cabooses as parts of parks, business locations, bed and breakfasts, cabins on acreages and used as landmarks.

bikes@vienna is just one and one half blocks from the Vienna Caboose.