Friday, November 27, 2009

We're open!

And now it's easier to tell that we are, thanks to our groovy, new,
LED "Open" sign!

Now we just have to remember to turn it on and off every day.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

5,000 miles since February

There are people who inspire us and this is a news items about one of those people.  I received a message last evening from a customer who came in last February with his wife to buy her a trike.  She had been injured in a bike accident and was walking with a cane.  Yvonne loves cycling so much that she was looking for a way to continue riding.  She bought a Trice trike and several months later her husband Henry came in and bought a Trice for himself.  Henry's message to me last evening noted that on their Saturday ride Yvonne had passed the 5,000 mile mark on her trike.   Here's his message:

Hi John,

Today we went on a Potomac Pedalers bike ride from Frederick, MD up to Thurmont and back. Just before we got back to the starting point, Yvonne's odometer crossed the 5,000 mile point. She got her Trice T trike from you this past February. You might remember that she was still using a cane when we first came looking at them in December or January.  Last year this time she was in a hospital bed in our dining room, recovering from a bike accident.  Thanks for helping to keep her mobile!


Yvonne's resolve is admirable.  Both she and Henry have ridden extraordinary miles this year.  Here is a photo on them from earlier this year on Skyline Drive.  Henry thanked me for helping to keep Yvonne mobile, but my thanks goes to them for the inspiration.  

Friday, November 20, 2009

The Play on Word Possibilities --- Black Friday

The Bike Friday folks out in Eugene have come up with a promotion of their bikes that has so many plays on words possible.  Leading up to the consumer day called "Black Friday" they are offering their black bikes at a 15% discount.  This offer includes the black bikes that bikes@vienna has in stock as well as bikes ordered in black.

b@v has three Model T Tikits in black and an Expedition which is black.  My goodness, Henry Ford would enjoy this offering.  As you may remember Ford is quoted as saying, " "Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black".

This is the second year for this Bike Friday offering.  Last year in a swirl of last minute promotion Bike Friday made the offering and was surprised by the response.  It will be interesting to see the consumer response.  It plays nicely with the Bike Friday question ---- "Where will you go on a Friday".  Certainly we hope you'll come to bikes@vienna.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Bromptons for Personal Transportation

Think of your experiences growing up.  A bicycle was an important symbol for many of us.  It was "freedom".  It expanded our worlds.  It was our personal transportation.  It can be again.

The folks at Brompton portray it well (abet with an British tone):

"The Brompton is truly personal transport you can take with you even when you’re not riding it. On trains and buses it tucks neatly into luggage space (it is welcome on practically all public transport)… on aircraft, although it won’t fit as luggage in most (though not all!) cabins, it can be checked in; and it’s great to ride off at the other end… in cars, on yachts, behind the pilot’s seat of a single-prop, in caravans and on narrow boats, Bromptons are taken on trips as frequently as they take their owners on journeys.

And at the end of your commute, your trip or your voyage, your Brompton will fit safely and snugly in a cupboard, under your desk at work or in a cloakroom at the theatre or restaurant. With no risk of theft, your Brompton will still be there later – your personal transport."

bikes@vienna offers Brompton bikes as your personal transportation solution to the challenge of getting around this Washington Metropolitan Area.  We try to keep Brompton models in stock for you to test and purchase (we say "try" because often they sell quickly).

We offer the convenience of having you ride the Metro Orange Line to Vienna Station where we will pick you up.  Call us to arrange this service and to check what Brompton bikes we have in stock.

Who is bikes@vienna?  Please check the Washington Consumers' Checkbook to learn about our high rating from our customers.  Recently we were selected by Adventure Cycling Association to be the 2009 Sam Braxton Bicycle Shop Award winner.  We are honored by the ratings in the Checkbook and the recognition from Adventure Cycling.

Do a bit of research on folding bikes.  You'll find names such as Bike Friday, Dahon, Birdy, and Mezzo in addition to Brompton.  bikes@vienna stocks these brands too.  Soooooooo come visit us.

bikes@vienna is in downtown Vienna at 128 Church St, NW (the NW is important).  You can see that we are on an alley.  We're behind Terra Christa on the Church Street side and Mattress Discounters on the Maple Street side.

We are open five days a week.  We're closed on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Hours are 10-5 on the weekend and 10-7 on weekdays.

Call us at 703-938-8900.  Email to  The website is .  You'll find us on Facebook .

We look forward to hearing from you.  We'd like to help with your personal transportation.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

We are honored by Adventure Cycling Association

Late in October I'm up on a ladder handing a boxed Dahon to Al when Tim brings in the telephone.  "It's Amy from Adventure Cycling", Tim told me.  I expected to have Amy be a salesperson working for Adventure Cycling Magazine making an advertising sales call.

I was wrong.  Amy told me that bikes@vienna had been selected for an award.  I'd climbed down from the ladder and I sought definition.  Oh, for the mid Atlantic area?  For small stores? How many were selected? Oooooooooh, it is for the entire country and we are the only one? Oh my.  You can read the details at

During the last week the news releases have gone out from Adventure Cycling and congratulations have been coming in from customers, vendors, and friends.  It has been very nice.  It has energized me.  For long before I started bikes@vienna I have admired Adventure Cycling and aspired to ride my bike throughout this country using their maps.  The recognition from them and the fact that long time customer Bruce Alton made the nomination have made this extra, extra special.

For this moment allow me to use the attention you have given this item.  There is no better way to travel and experience an area than by bicycle.  Some of my most joy filled days have been exploring or traveling by bike.  My hope for you is that during this next year you can plan a trip with family and friends on bikes.

This year I got to enjoy riding the Burke Gilman Trail in Seattle, the New York Five Boro Ride and RAGBRAI again.  I did not get that ride to Pittsburgh on the C&O Canal and the Great Allegheny Passage.  But I'm going to start planning and try to achieve that in 2010.  It is near time for those New Year Resolutions.  Where will you ride a bicycle in 2010?  How will you be an advocate for better bicycling routes and facilities so you can ride safer and more conveniently in your home area?

Tim's England Photos

Below are links to all the photo albums I currently have posted from my trip to England in October. Enjoy!

England 9/29/09-10/01/09

London, 10/02/2009

London, 10/5/09

BWC 2009

I hope to post a few photos from my visits to the Brompton (folding bikes) and ICE (recumbent trikes and bikes) factories when I get the chance.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Catrike White Sale

I'm dreaming of a white Catrike ............ our friends at Catrike have announced Color Fest for November and December.  They are making it very attractive to buy their models with three methods of savings:

First, you can buy any Catrike in white with a standard seat mesh and get a discount of $251 off MSRP.  They changed their seat design earlier this year and ended up with a large amount of what had been their standard seat mesh,

Second, you can buy any Catrike model in its own stardard color and get a discount of $151 off MSRP.

Third, you can go wild and buy any Catrike with a color upgrade at no additional cost.  This is for all non-standard colors including Candy and Sparkle colors.

Catrike Color Fest will be available until the last day of December, but think of the potential for holiday gift giving.

bikes@vienna currently has Expedition and Villager models in the store for test rides.  Why don't you come test ride and learn why 2009 has been such a "Trike" year for us.

For the people coming from Facebook to this posting:

128 Church Street, NW
Vienna, VA 22180

bikes@vienna is open 10-7 on Monday, Thursday, and Friday.  We're open 10-5 on Saturday and Sunday.  Sorry, but we are closed on Tuesday and Wednesday.

If you'd like to take Metro to Vienna we'll pick you up at the Vienna Metro Station.  Call us to make arrangements.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

New Bromptons Have Arrived

New Bromptons
Originally uploaded by bikes@vienna
We sold almost all the Bromptons we had in the store in late September and early October. Thankfully we received three new Bromptons this week. All three Bromptons are 6 speeds with fenders, rack, EZ wheels, and front carrier block. The colors are Cornflower Blue, Orange, and Turkish Green. The handlebar configurations are either M or P. These models are priced at $1360.

We have three more in the Brompton pipeline for delivery late in November.

Sun Handcycle Now at bikes@vienna

Sun Handcycle
Originally uploaded by bikes@vienna
As a store that carries specialty cycling products we meet people trying to get exercise and enjoy outdoor experiences. There are many levels of need and not always good matches of need and affordability. This Sun Handcycle is a welcome addition to the products we can order.

This is a three speed model with quite a bit of adjustability. The price of $1,000 is modest for a handcycle.