Monday, November 26, 2007

Holiday Stroll rescheduled for Monday, Dec 3rd

The rain forecast for this evening has resulted in the Holiday Stroll on Church Street being rescheduled for next Monday evening (6:30 PM to 9:00 PM on December 3). The schedule of events will be the same as posted in an earlier blog entry on this page. Please adjust your calendar and come join the fun next Monday.

Monday, November 19, 2007

$50 buys this Trek Folding Bike Bag

For a short time Trek sold folding bikes. They no longer have folding bikes for sale, but they do have bags left over. I have an attractive offer for you. You can have a Trek Folding Bike Bag for $50. That price is much less than Trek sold the bags for originally ($79.99) and is less than the cost of a Dahon El Bolso bags priced at $59.

The design of the bag is another plus. The bike sits in what I will call a tray. It is easy to simply set the folded bike on the tray. Then you slip the bag over the top and click the two parts together. The bag is large and I believe that even folding bikes which have handlebars that swing to the outside of the folded frame like the Dahon Speed Pro will fit into this bag. The bag also features storage pockets and extra straps for attaching things like helmets. There is also a nice area of padding on the side of the bag to cushion you from the bike.

The $50 price is at the store. We will gladly ship this bag to you for the $50 and the cost of UPS to your door. How many would you like?

You can view details of the bag at

Draisin Plus at WCD

Originally uploaded by bikes@vienna
My camera work needs some honing. You can tell that I had to work with this photo to enhance the image. I was able to get the important part of this image viewable..........the smiles. Those are real, honest to goodness smiles as this mother and daughter tested the Draisin Plus.

Over and over again as people test rode the Draisin products at the World Congress on Disabilities last week we had big smiles. We also had a high number of comments about the high quality of the Draisins. People marveled at the engineering and the adjustability to meet peoples' needs.

There is one place in America to test ride a Draisin and it is here at bikes@vienna.

????? Scott and Bianchi frames CAUTION! Will Robinson

We are scratching our heads about and worrying a little that some one is trying to take advantage of people with an offer on ebay. The ebay offer tells about a small Northern Virginia bike store that is selling off Scott and Bianchi frames. The seller name is Vienna Bikes located in Vienna, VA.

We've received inquiries and we know nothing other than it is not bikes@vienna. We're worried that someone is trying to use a name similar to ours for an enterprise that is deceptive. We urge extreme caution.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Bikes for The Holidays

Originally uploaded by bikes@vienna
The photo shows a sample of the bikes for young people that we've brought in for the holidays. We have 16", 20", and 24" wheeled bikes to meet the needs of many children. Plus we've stocked up on 13" and 15" frames in the 26' wheel size. Yes, we're getting ready.

You may have read about our "Continuing Care" policy before, but just one more time...........

When you buy a bike from bikes@vienna we promise to do small repairs and adjustments for as long as you own the bike. As long as those repairs and adjustments are $20 or less then we only charge you for the parts. For a young person's bike this is a great asset.

Also bikes@vienna trys to help by considering trade-ins and serving as a drop off point for bikes going to Bikes For The World and to the Committee Helping Others.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Holiday Stroll set for Monday, November 26th

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The schedule for the Holiday Stroll on Church Street is set and available for your review. This event has grown each year as people enjoy the lighting of the holiday tree and the entertainment. Granted weather plays a role in the turnout, but people like Vienna's small town feel and respond by participating.

We're getting ready. I planted Alberta Spruce trees in the planters out front. Tim's lighting up the windows and I'm looking for the lights we hang along the front of the building. I've been slyly mentioning in Al's presence that I need a Santa Claus for the event to no avail.

Please put the Holiday Stroll on your calendar and come visit us.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Cy and the KidzTandem

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Grandson Cy is visiting and so I took him around on the Kidz Tandem. This photo shows the gray seat that we can put on to take a younger rider for a ride. Cy is intrigued with the bell and you can see my hands as I adjust a helmet to put on him.

It is a perfect bike for a grandfather to ride with his two year old grandson.