Thursday, March 24, 2005

I have finally accomplished this --- bikes@vienna Used

For too long I have said that I need to get information out on the website about our used bikes and equipment. I'm on my way. You can go to bikes@vienna Used and find photos, prices and information about many of the used or consigned bikes that we have in the store. It is progress.

You'll notice that at the top of the blog I've suggested that you call to determine if we still have the item before you travel to the store. I know that during the spring I can get behind in updating information. I don't want someone making the trip to the store only to find that we have already sold the item of interest.

The other point which I attempt to stress in the listings is that I prefer people to come to the store and make their purchase after testing the bike. Over and over again we find that what people believe they want when they come into the store and what they go home with can be very different.

Please visit bikes@vienna Used

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

A photo of a nice family

Originally uploaded by bikes@vienna.

Last Wednesday I was working in the store and this nice family came to the door. They wanted to go for a bike ride. The store was closed, but I was there....they were we made it happen.

I took this photo and I was to email it to them, but when they returned the phone was ringing and I did not get an email address. So this is my effort to get this photo to them. I hope they see it because this was a Kodak moment.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Easter Bike Roll

bikes@vienna will be closed next Sunday, March 27. This will allow the staff to observe the day.

We will be having our Sunday morning bike ride departing the store at 9:00 AM. Yes, an Easter Bike Roll will be taking place of the W&OD Trail. We had our first bike ride yesterday and it was Ces, Bill Cook, and I. It was threatening rain although we only had a few drops find us. The three of us had fun and we invite you to join us next Sunday or on succeeding Sundays.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Kryptonite locks

It took several months, but we finally received our replacement Kryptonite U-locks. As some of you may know, it was discovered that the older locks with round keys could be easily picked using the end of a Bic pen. Kryptonite did the right thing and offered to replace any lock with a round key. The new keys are flat and easier to use than the old round keys. If you have a round key Kryptonite lock, go to the Kryptonite Web site for information about the recall and an online registration form.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

A Ticket To Ride --- Starting Sunday, March 20

Starting on Sunday, March 20th we'll have a weekly Sunday morning ride departing from the store at 9:00 AM. Everyone is welcome, but admittedly you'll see a higher percentage of recumbent bikes on these journeys. I hope that the second Sunday of a month you'll see more tandems and tandem recumbents. The third Sunday of a month we should see more recumbent trikes if this all develops as hoped.

In times of wet weather a call to the store phone (703.938.8900) before 8:00 AM will tell you if the ride is still going out. We'll alternate our route and turnaround to give a bit of variety. There will always be an opportunity to stop at a local eatery for a late breakfast. The start time may move to an earlier time in the heat of the summer to reduce riding in the heat. The idea is to have fun, get some exercise, meet nice people, and provide a touch of motivation for people to get out riding.

Consider yourself as having "a ticket to ride". We do care.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Our local hero

We at the shop see the charitable work that John Brunow does on a daily basis. I guess we get a little jaded about some of his good deeds. We might complain about the bikes that he collects to be donated to various organizations, wondering where we'll store them all until they are picked up. We aren't surprised when he asks some of us to work on our day off to help inspect bikes that will be donated to Head Start children. The list of his charitable activities could go on and on. He believes in giving back to the community, that a healthy, liveable community requires hard work by those living and working there.

It looks like others have noticed John's good deeds as well, as evidenced by the essay about him entitled "A Local Hero" in the Vienna Connection newspaper. Unfortunately they didn't have access to the above photo.

See Adam Progress

For the last six and one half years I have enjoyed the skill, the personality, and the counsel of an exceptional individual. I hope to continue to enjoy his personality and counsel, but my opportunity to use his skill will be diminished. Tuesday Adam began work full time at Spot (French commercial imaging satellite system). As a graduate of George Mason University with a degree in Geography and credentials working for Northrup Grumman his career path has widened with this move to his chosen field.

There are lots of stories from these six and one half years. Good years. My grandfather used a phrase as a high compliment that I still hear used once in a while.......a gentleman and a scholar. Adam Ward is a gentleman and a scholar.

His new employer, Spot, makes me think of the Dick and Jane books which were so popular in my youth. Dick and Jane had a dog named Spot. The text would say "See Spot. See Spot run. Run Spot run".

I am pleased to "See Adam Progress".