Tuesday, September 29, 2009

There Goes Tim Fricker!

I took Tim and his Brompton to Dulles for his 6:30 flight on Virgin Atlantic. Why did he fly on Virgin Atlantic? They don't charge for checking a bicycle and that is a big deal these days in the world of traveling with a bike.

He will get into Heathrow early in the morning and make his way to the train station. He'll use the train for his trip to Inspired Cycle Engineering. He'll spend Wednesday and part of Thursday at ICE/Trice and then return to London.

He'll be sharing information from his iPhone. He'll be looking for wifi opportunities because the cost of data transfer in England is pricey. Without a prepurchased plan the cost of a one meg data transfer (about the download of this page) is said to cost $20 ($.02 per kilobyte). Tim has 50 megabytes prepurchased and then additional megabytes will cost $5. So we'll find out how he can report on his progress.

The news is ......... he's off.  Please note that Tim's Brompton in the bag (left) is about the same size as his suitcase.  Also note the Twitter information at the top left of this page that Tim has send.

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