Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Coming soon: Brompton World Championships

Tim Fricker is packing his bags and his Brompton for a trip to England, his first. Tim will be competing in the Brompton World Championships at Blenheim Palace on Sunday, October 4th. The day is dedicated to a day of British cycling and the details of the overall event can be viewed at

The details of the Brompton World Championship can be viewed at . If you have a bit more time there is a delightful bit of video from the 2008 event which can be viewed at Now don't laugh too loud when you watch the Le Man style start of the race and when you see the participants in suitcoat, dress shirt, tie, and shorts with wild colors and patterns. This is a wacky, fun event which get Brompton folders in front of a larger audience. It should be a fun filled occasion.

You may have noticed the new Twitter box in the top left of this blog. We are planning to use Twitter for Tim to report on his activities. He'll be sending Tweets and Twitter Pix to let us know the details of his adventure.

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