Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Metrorail CLOSED Wednesday, March 16th!

Metrorail closed Wednesday 

In an unprecedented move, the Metrorail system is going to be completely shut down, from midnight on March 15th until the morning of Thursday the 17th!  Apparently this is due to an urgent need for safety inspections of parts of the electrical system.

A good day to ride your bike to work... the weather forecast looks good, although there is a chance of rain.  If your own bike isn't an option, Capital Bikeshare is offering FREE 24 hour memberships tomorrow:


Word didn't go out until 4:35pm on Tuesday, which doesn't give a lot of warning for folks.  If there's anything we can do to help you with your commute, let us know.  We'll be open from 10am until 7pm, ready to fix your bike, and we'll have hot coffee for you too!

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