Monday, November 07, 2011

Happy new Yuba Mundo owner!

A couple of weeks ago, we got a phone call from a fellow named Dale, looking for a Yuba Mundo "longtail" cargo bike. We've sold a few in the past, but we didn't have any of the current version in stock, so after some communication with the folks at Yuba, a bright new orange Mundo arrived for Dale.

One of the features of the Mundo is its cargo hauling capability... up to 440 pounds! And the long back end and carrier lends itself to carrying large objects... we've even heard of folks carrying kayaks, surfboards and other ungainly items on the Mundo. And there are options designed for carrying family members on the back as well. While it's more typically used as a kid-carrier, here Dale and his sister enjoy a trial run just after buying the bike.

Based on other inquiries, we decided to order a second Mundo to have available for test rides and purchase. And we've also got the Sun Atlas Cargo bike, a similar design from the same company that builds many of our recumbent bikes.  So come on in and check out your cargo options!

There are other "longtails" out there, and we've had a few through the store, most notably a Surly Big Dummy, that we ordered for a customer a couple of years ago. By all reports, he's very happy with it.

Longtails are used for everything from local errands to long distance touring. Check out more on longtails here:

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Skippy @ What Size Bike Do I Need said...

I have to say 'WOW', that bike could realistically replace my car for about half my driving needs, to the market, errands, etc! With the right clothing, I could even ride it year-round.