Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve Ride Was Fun!

Just a quick post to say that tonight's Luminaria Ride was a very good time for all. We had six riders in all, including my friend Steven from NYC who organizes the Brommie Yummie rides for Brompton owners. He and his father-in-law joined us for the ride, along with a few other loyal customers. We were out about an hour, looping around the local neighborhoods where folks had put out luminaria for the evening. If you've never seen such a display, you should try to find one near you... small bags with lighted candles inside give a lovely glow to the evening.

It was a very mellow ride, fueled with cookies and snacks people brought beforehand. We sang a few Christmas carols, lead by Ed, Steven's father-in-law (a former minister). All in all a very nice time, and a great way to end the week leading up to Christmas. Mark your calendars for next year!

Now we're closing up shop and heading home. All of us here at bikes@vienna wish all of you a very Merry Christmas, and wonderful holiday season! Remember, we'll be here on Sunday if you'd like to stop by!

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