Monday, April 02, 2007

The State of Repairs

Phone calls this time of year many times skip over the traditional "Hello" to "I've got a question for you". The question oft times is about service or repairs. Yes, we do service on bikes. Yes, we repair bikes. No, an appointment is not necessary to bring your bike to us. On a weekend you need to plan a little wait for your bike to be looked over and checked in.

After an exchange of information about our services then comes the long will it take? Yesterday we were promising bikes to be returned a week from today. Just over a week is the answer now and that answer probably will get longer. Saturday, our day was primarily taking in bikes for service and repair. This is Fairfax County Public School's Spring Vacation so I expect us to have a steady stream of bikes coming in.

This is part of the rites of Spring. Beautiful days motivate people to act to have their bike repaired. Yes, it would be wonderful if people acted to have the repair work done during the winter so their bikes are ready for the Spring, but that does not happen enough. So we appreciate the good weather, the enthusiastic cusomters, and the business that keeps our doors open.

Yes, we do servicing and repairs. Our "promise date" is just over a week (today).

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