Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Coming to bikes@vienna --- Longbikes!

Underseat steering has been a weakness for bikes@vienna for the past several years. We sold Visions for five years and when Vision went out of business we didn't come up with a replacement. We are pleased to announce that in May we will have the Slipstream and Eliminator from Longbikes in the store for test rides and for sale.

There is happiness in Arlington these days. Geoff Steele has lobbied for bikes@vienna to carry Longbikes for years. Someone would come in to test recumbents and if Geoff was at the store he'd have them on his Vanguard which was daddy of the Slipstream. I'd point out to Geoff that I did not have a comparable underseat steering recumbent to sell the customer. Geoff would point out that I should.

Soooooo Geoff.........coming to bikes@vienna --- Longbikes!

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