Friday, September 12, 2014

Special Deals on Yuba Boda Bodas!

What's a Boda Boda?  Well, if you're familiar with "long tail" cargo bikes, such as the Xtracycle, Yuba Mundo, or Surly Big Dummy, this is a slightly more compact and lighter version.  Some folks call them "medium tail" cargo bikes.  They're capable of carrying up to 220 pounds in addition to the rider!  Folks use them for hauling groceries, sports equipment, kids, and even the occasional adult.

We've got a few of them in stock right now that we'd like to clear out as the season winds down, so we're marking them down.  Our Boda Boda Lux models normally sell for $1199, now on sale for $1049, and our elBoda Boda Lux (same bike, but with a Bionx electric assist system) normally sells for $3108, now on sale for $2599.

This deal is limited to stock on hand, so when they're gone, they're gone, so hurry on in to check them out!

More info on the bike can be found on the Yuba site here:

Friday, August 29, 2014

New Hours for Fall!

Now that Labor Day is upon us, we're changing our hours. Starting the week of Labor Day, September 1st, we will be CLOSED both Monday and Tuesday.  Please make a note in your calendar!  

So the new hours are:

Sun: Noon - 5
Wed: 10 - 7
Thu: 10 - 7
Fri: 10 - 7
Sat: 10 - 6

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Ride To Discovery: Herndon, Virginia

Disaster at sea … a treasure hunt worth millions … a federal fugitive … the X-15 rocket-plane. What links them all to lovely little Herndon?

Find the answers at Bikes at Vienna’s second Ride To Discovery along the W&OD Trail! We’ll cycle from the Bikes at Vienna parking lot to Herndon and back, with a rest-stop at the Herndon Caboose. The route is 17 miles round-trip, all on the W&OD Trail.

The ride will take place on Sunday, September 28, leaving from the Bikes at Vienna parking lot at 8:45 AM. Please arrive early so that you have time to read and sign the liability waiver and get your bike ready to go promptly at 8:45.

Don’t just ride the W&OD. Ride to Discovery with Bikes at Vienna!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

We Have Superlight Bromptons In Stock!

You read that right!  We have FOUR Superlight Bromptons in stock right now.  What's a Superlight?  Well, take the classic Brompton, and replace various steel bits (including the fork and rear frame) with titanium, use a higher quality, lighter front hub, lighter spokes, etc, and you shave about 2 pounds off the weight of the bike.  Very nice for those who find themselves carrying their Bromptons a lot.  Just recently, Tim took a trip to Connecticut by bus, using a Carradice "rucksack" style carrying back, which carries like a backpack.  He opted to take our demo Superlight P6L-X rather than his own P6R, and he was very glad for the lighter weight.

We now have:

M6L-X in Cobalt Blue
M6L-X in Apple Green
S6L-X in Racing Green
P6L-X in Orange

Come on in and check them out.  Superlights have been very hard to come by the last few years, so get 'em while they're here!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Late Summer Specials on Linus!

Speaking of colorful bikes... we're running a Late Summer Special on ALL Linus models - 10% off any Linus Dutchi, Mixte, or Roadster we have in stock! We have a variety of bikes in an array of colors, in both 3 and 8 speed configurations.  Come on in and try one of these stylish, comfortable and practical bikes today!

Friday, August 08, 2014

Colorful bikes!

For a long time now it has seemed that bike manufacturers had developed an obsession with a limited color palette... namely variations on white, black, grey and silver (which is really just a sort of shiny grey, right?).

Well, the folks at Linus and Breezer have shaken things up!  You can see in these photos some of the variety of colors available from one or the other of those companies.  The bike models are the Breezer Downtown and Uptown series, and the Linus Dutchie and Mixte models.  Quite an array of choices.  Come on in and check them out!

Saturday, July 05, 2014

Don't forget - Ride to Discovery on July 6th!

What African-American mathematician and astronomer helped survey the original boundaries of the District of Columbia in 1791? Where along the W&OD Trail can you find two of the boundary stones the survey team laid?

Where is the first house in Falls Church to have indoor plumbing?

What Falls Church resident was inducted into the Black Athletes Hall of Fame as an inaugural member, along with Jesse Owens, Satchel Paige, Jackie Robinson, and Muhammed Ali? Why did he and his wife put their lives on the line in the civil rights struggle in 1915?

Find the answers to these questions and more on the Bikes at Vienna Ride To Discovery along the W&OD Trail! The route is about 16 miles round trip. Most of the ride will be on the trail, but we'll cycle short distances on city streets to visit points of historical significance.

We'll depart the shop at 8:45 AM on Sunday, July 6, and plan to be back to the shop by 11:30. Please arrive early so you have time to read and sign the liability waiver and be ready to go promptly at 8:45. No go in case of rain.

Don't just ride the trail. Ride to Discovery with bikes@vienna!