Wednesday, April 18, 2007

We do know Jack........and many of the other Dahon Models

It must be Spring because we have received our long awaited supply of Dahon folding bikes. Yesterday a shipment of Jacks arrived and we started the assembly process.

So we now have 06 and 07 Dahon models in the store. We have the 06 models discounted by 10% which should make them appealing because costs have risen on the 07 models, but I have learned that color choices are important and the 07s have a number of attractive colors and many models feature the innovative seatpost pump. Yes, you pull the seatpost out of the seat tube and in a blink of the eye you have a pump to inflate your tires. It functions like a conventional floor pump. It does not have a built in guage, but maybe next year for that improvement.

Please come visit us and test ride a folding bike.

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