Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Radar, do you now own my car?

Radar O'Reilly was supposedly from Ottumwa, IA. My hometown of Centerville, IA is about forty miles from Ottumwa. I watched MASH and Radar with special interest to see if Ottumwa would pop up in the dialogue.

Radar kept the 4077 moving. He would shove bunches of paper in front of Henry Blake for him to sign. There was one show after signing a pile of papers that Henry asked Radar --- "do you now own my car".

For bikes@vienna's first nine years we have not asked people to sign lots of forms. We get some surprised reactions during the process of renting a bike when we decline to take a credit card or drivers license as security and ask the important question, "Do you promise to return the bike?" People smiled and answered in the positive. We had very few issues arise from this method of trusting people.

Sadly, we have to change. Beginning in April we will be asking our rental customers to complete a "rental agreement". We will ask each renter over 18 years of age to complete the form which has check lists of our responsibilities and their responsibility for our equipment. It is a standardized form which you can view on our website in the area dealing with rentals. It would be wonderful if you could read through the rental agreement before you visit us for a rental.

I do not aspire to own your car. I'm not excited about the volume of paper that will be generated. I hope that this process can be smooth. I'll try to make it that way.

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