Friday, April 13, 2007

Bike Friday Tikit, Bruce Wright, and Spring

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This is a threebee.

We received our first Bike Friday Tikit this week. The bike lives up to its promotional buzz. The folding is amazingly fast and the end product is compact. This bike will give Brompton competition in the folding bike marketplace. The Bike Friday promotional campaign positions this bike to appeal to people interested in responsible and convenient transportation. It should be successful in that appeal.

Holding the Tikit is Bruce Wright who helps at bikes@vienna during the week. Bruce is an exceptional person in my view. I appreciate his help in the store. I admire his work as an advocate for cycling with Fairfax Advocates for Better Bicycling. His service to the public with his participation on several county advisory commissions benefits us all. So this is a little thick, but Bruce Wright deserves it.

Look just behind Bruce in the big green planter......pea vines and spinach. Spring keeps teasing us with cooler weather than what we want, but it is coming. Have you planted anything yet?

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