Thursday, February 17, 2005

What does this mean?

I'm tilting my head one way and then the other. I guess I'm hoping for blood flow that will result in greater thinking power. Here's a twist that will test my business skills.

Yesterday my sales representative for an important source of recumbents told me that the cost of their recumbents will go up 20% on March 1. Holy moly! Let me tilt my head to the right. I'm trying to figure out the best action based on that news. The product has been a leading seller for bikes@vienna. I've got time to stock up, but little space for storage. My sales reports for recent years show that early spring is not when most recumbents are purchased. Chances are good that I'd have boxes and boxes to work around until mid summer.

Is this a trend that I will see from other companies? I need to do some research today. Is it exchange rates? Is it material costs? Is it a company improving their profitability? Excuse me, I need to do a head tilt to the left. We were working towards inversion poses at yoga class last night and maybe I need to accelerate that process to stimulate this brain.

Business is seldom boring because much of the time you are adjusting to the ebb and flow of circumstances over which you have little influence. 20%......???? That's a big ebb.

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