Thursday, February 03, 2005

On With The Show

A popular question is "what do you do in the winter?" We go to "shows". Early in January it was the Washington RV & Camping Expo. Last weekend it was the NBC4 Health & Fitness Expo. This Saturday it's the McLean Health & Beauty Expo. On Sunday, February 20th we move equipment to the Vienna Community Center and we stage the Bike Info Expo. March 11-13 we're back at the Dulles Expo Center for the Capitol Boat Show. We're going places to meet people and get them thinking and talking about riding a bicycle.

Last weekend the NBC4 Health & Fitness Expo had 78,000 people march down the aisles of the Washington Convention Center. A good number of people stopped and talked to us about recumbents, tandems, trikes, and folding bikes. I must have folded and unfolded that Dahon Boardwalk 6 in the booth fifty times or more. It seemed like everyone wanted to ride one of our display bikes up and down the aisles so I had to dissaude them of that idea. Bill Cook, the founder, designer, and assembler of Barcroft Cycles, talked so much on Sunday that he began to lose his voice. Geoff Steele and Pat Kraker helped at the booth and as always did a wonderful job of fielding questions. We get lots of questions because people are excited about what they see. I get excited because we're out creating relationships. We're meeting hundreds of new people at a time when we'd be lucky to have a dozen new people visit the store.

For January, February, and early March it's on with the show.....this is it.