Sunday, February 06, 2005

Jo's AirGlide

I am always energized by the excitement of a person getting a new bicycle. I've had guys in their 70s tell me that they had problems sleeping because they were so excited about coming in to get their new bike the next day. It is delightful that bikes can have than influence on us.

Jo was relaxed when she came in to see her new Bike Friday AirGlide. She had waited almost six weeks for it to arrive. For weeks before placing the order she'd carefully planned how she was going to use the bike and ordered the fenders, rack, and trailer/suitcase. Now it was time to see how all this waiting was going to feel with a test ride. From the smile she gave me I think it was worth the wait.

Jo has plans for her Bike Friday. She's got places to go and see. I look forward to hearing about her travels. Since opening the store I probably get to ride less than I did before, but I get to relish the cycling experience of my customers. It is a good life.

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