Saturday, February 05, 2005

Four Kettlers for the Sweetheart Sale

I admire the quality of German made products. Yesterday Adam assembled the Grasshopper and Streetmachine GTE from HP Velotechnik along with four new arrivals from Kettler. There was a sharp contrast in the styles of the bikes. The HP Velotechniks are recumbents with full suspension and underseat steering. The models we received from Kettler were "upright" 5 or 7 speed internal hub bikes with coaster brakes. From the photo above you'll see that the Kettler Delta is so similar to the stereotype we have of the classic European bike.

I try to keep several Kettlers in the store because people look for coaster brake (pedal backwards to stop) bikes and have a difficult time finding them especially with multiple speeds. These Kettlers have a wonderful feel. I was wheeling one last evening as we closed and I marveled at the balance. The Kettlers are not light weight bikes, but they move with ease. You can see the bikes at There is a site, but I don't believe the bikes are shown at that site.

Oh yes.....I'm putting a great price on these four bikes. The Delta (womens model) is on sale for $500. The his and hers City Comfort models are $575 each. The Antje will be $475 when we get a replacement part for the shifter cable. We are having a Sweetheart Sale from now through Saturday, February 19. These bikes are sweethearts. I wonder how to say that in German?

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