Monday, November 28, 2005

Zipcar & bikes@vienna/An attempt to reduce congestion

ziplogo_369_425_w_tag-1, originally uploaded by bikes@vienna.

The information on our home page quickly tells you that we're doing something special with Zipcar, a car sharing company with a growing presence in the metropolitan Washington area. It's a partnership which provides Zipcar members with a membership benefit (discounts of Dahon folding bikes) and bikes@vienna the opportunity to be presented to the growing Zipcar membership.

Yet there is something more here worth noting ---car sharing is a step to reduced traffic and parking congestion. Zipcar touts each of their vehicles as replacing 7 to 10 privately owned cars. I hope that by promoting the Dahon folding bikes we can expand the distance from a Zipcar that people will travel to participate in car sharing. Just the use of a bicycle can reduce car traffic and the need for parking. An intermodal effort of a bike and car sharing should hold potential and we're going to find out how much.

I anticipate that we'll be asked by people if they can have the Zipcar Member Benefit price. The answer is YES!.....if they will join Zipcar and become part of the effort to reduce the traffic and congestion that is diminishing the quality of life we have in this region.

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