Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Another Pat Kraker "Art Object"

eye 004, originally uploaded by bikes@vienna.

If you have visited bikes@vienna then you probably have seen Pat Kraker's artwork in the flashing I Ching Cube mounted high on the center column in the store. It is a continuing topic of conversation as people look up and then wonder what the cube with the flashing lights represents. At an earlier time when John Ashcroft was Attorney General and the ink was still damp on the Patriot Act, I would crack that the cube was monitoring activity in the store. "You know how subversive cyclists can be", might be my comment before sharing the true story of the cube.

Pat Kraker has moved to Denver. We used to get first hand looks at his art work and his creative efforts with his solar powered trike. Now we have to be satisfied with photos. This photo shows his recent creation which he called "The Eye". I hope you can see that it uses Pat's woodworking skills and a new creative twist.....beads. He sent me several photos and I like this contrast of nature to "The Eye".

Imagine how "The Eye" would look staring down from the center column in the store. Got to watch those bicyclists.

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