Thursday, November 17, 2005

Cooler weather and slick surfaces. Be careful out there.

Temperatures dipped last night. I received this message this morning from a customer who commutes to work on the Mount Vernon Trail:

"Hi John:

It's that time of year again. Myself included, I saw five crashes on the Mount Vernon Trail this morning.  All were on iced over boardwalks.  I am thankful that my Tour Easy keeps me close to the ground so that I had only a scraped elbow to show for my troubles.  (I'll bet my slide to a stop would have made Luis Aparicio envious!)  

I thought I'd pass along the news so that you could remind your other customers to be extra careful, expecially on those wooden bridges."

Many of us ride with tires that have little tread and a high pressure. Wet leaves and frosty conditions can result in slippery surfaces and a need for extra caution. Consider riding on tires with more tread. Consider releasing air from your tires to give you more stable contact. Reduce your speed.

When you do take a fall resist the human tendency to jump right back on your bike and take off. Get your bike off to one side and do an inventory of yourself and of the bicycle. Double check the wheels, brakes, and straightness of the seat and handlebars. Take a couple of deep breaths and regain your composure.

Riding a bicycle is a skill. On a cool, beautiful autumn morning use your skill with care.

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