Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ineresting piece from BBC News

Thanks to Google Alerts, I ran across this story online:

Now, as a bike shop owner, you'd think I wouldn't post a link to a story that basically says your commute won't be any faster if you buy a spiffy, new, light, "fast" bike. But honestly, my philosophy is that a lot of folks agonize over a gram here and a gram there, and "which tire is faster", etc, when what they should focus on instead is having fun and getting exercise and getting around.

To put it another way... when someone comes to me talking about how many grams lighter something is, I suggest they go to an office supply store and heft a box of paperclips. That's 100 grams right there, in the palm of your hand. Now how much does that matter? Really?

That's not to say a "nicer" bike isn't going to be a more enjoyable bike to ride. It almost certainly will be... there are reasons for the price differences between bikes. Just don't start thinking that it's going to miraculously increase your speed.

Now where DID this soapbox come from? Hmmmm... (stepping down)

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