Saturday, November 14, 2009

We are honored by Adventure Cycling Association

Late in October I'm up on a ladder handing a boxed Dahon to Al when Tim brings in the telephone.  "It's Amy from Adventure Cycling", Tim told me.  I expected to have Amy be a salesperson working for Adventure Cycling Magazine making an advertising sales call.

I was wrong.  Amy told me that bikes@vienna had been selected for an award.  I'd climbed down from the ladder and I sought definition.  Oh, for the mid Atlantic area?  For small stores? How many were selected? Oooooooooh, it is for the entire country and we are the only one? Oh my.  You can read the details at

During the last week the news releases have gone out from Adventure Cycling and congratulations have been coming in from customers, vendors, and friends.  It has been very nice.  It has energized me.  For long before I started bikes@vienna I have admired Adventure Cycling and aspired to ride my bike throughout this country using their maps.  The recognition from them and the fact that long time customer Bruce Alton made the nomination have made this extra, extra special.

For this moment allow me to use the attention you have given this item.  There is no better way to travel and experience an area than by bicycle.  Some of my most joy filled days have been exploring or traveling by bike.  My hope for you is that during this next year you can plan a trip with family and friends on bikes.

This year I got to enjoy riding the Burke Gilman Trail in Seattle, the New York Five Boro Ride and RAGBRAI again.  I did not get that ride to Pittsburgh on the C&O Canal and the Great Allegheny Passage.  But I'm going to start planning and try to achieve that in 2010.  It is near time for those New Year Resolutions.  Where will you ride a bicycle in 2010?  How will you be an advocate for better bicycling routes and facilities so you can ride safer and more conveniently in your home area?

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