Thursday, November 05, 2009

Catrike White Sale

I'm dreaming of a white Catrike ............ our friends at Catrike have announced Color Fest for November and December.  They are making it very attractive to buy their models with three methods of savings:

First, you can buy any Catrike in white with a standard seat mesh and get a discount of $251 off MSRP.  They changed their seat design earlier this year and ended up with a large amount of what had been their standard seat mesh,

Second, you can buy any Catrike model in its own stardard color and get a discount of $151 off MSRP.

Third, you can go wild and buy any Catrike with a color upgrade at no additional cost.  This is for all non-standard colors including Candy and Sparkle colors.

Catrike Color Fest will be available until the last day of December, but think of the potential for holiday gift giving.

bikes@vienna currently has Expedition and Villager models in the store for test rides.  Why don't you come test ride and learn why 2009 has been such a "Trike" year for us.

For the people coming from Facebook to this posting:

128 Church Street, NW
Vienna, VA 22180

bikes@vienna is open 10-7 on Monday, Thursday, and Friday.  We're open 10-5 on Saturday and Sunday.  Sorry, but we are closed on Tuesday and Wednesday.

If you'd like to take Metro to Vienna we'll pick you up at the Vienna Metro Station.  Call us to make arrangements.

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