Sunday, November 22, 2009

5,000 miles since February

There are people who inspire us and this is a news items about one of those people.  I received a message last evening from a customer who came in last February with his wife to buy her a trike.  She had been injured in a bike accident and was walking with a cane.  Yvonne loves cycling so much that she was looking for a way to continue riding.  She bought a Trice trike and several months later her husband Henry came in and bought a Trice for himself.  Henry's message to me last evening noted that on their Saturday ride Yvonne had passed the 5,000 mile mark on her trike.   Here's his message:

Hi John,

Today we went on a Potomac Pedalers bike ride from Frederick, MD up to Thurmont and back. Just before we got back to the starting point, Yvonne's odometer crossed the 5,000 mile point. She got her Trice T trike from you this past February. You might remember that she was still using a cane when we first came looking at them in December or January.  Last year this time she was in a hospital bed in our dining room, recovering from a bike accident.  Thanks for helping to keep her mobile!


Yvonne's resolve is admirable.  Both she and Henry have ridden extraordinary miles this year.  Here is a photo on them from earlier this year on Skyline Drive.  Henry thanked me for helping to keep Yvonne mobile, but my thanks goes to them for the inspiration.  

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