Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Vienna's Green Expo on April 16th

Here's an exciting opportunity for you! Vienna is having a Green Expo on April 16th at the Community Center. The event is from 7-9 PM. We are providing Event Parking Racks so you can ride your bike to the Expo (what could be more environmentally friendly than riding your bike to a Green Expo?).

I plan on taking folding bikes, workcycles, and trikes to the Green Expo, cycling equipment that will provide transportation and allow you to transport cargo like groceries.

Although the event is produced by the Town of Vienna, I am certain that wherever you live you will be welcome to attend the expo. The Community Center is right on the W&OD Trail and our Event Racks will be on both ends of the building. Pleas remember to bring a lock so you can secure your cycling equipment while you explore the Expo.

I hope to see you Thursday, April 16th.

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