Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Recumbent Blog retires

The Recumbent Blog has been an excellent resource for recumbent enthusiasts since 2005. Alan Barnard maintained the commercial-free site, providing many excellent bike and accessory reviews, photos, and recumbent tidbits. It was one of the few bike blogs that I checked on a regular basis.

Alan's focus had changed from writing about recumbents to writing about bicycle transportation when he began using his bikes for his daily commute and for local trips.
You may have noticed that an increasing number of my posts fall outside the realm of what would be considered appropriate for a “recumbent blog”. As my focus has moved away from recreational cycling toward transportational and utility cycling, my interests have also grown to include bikes other than recumbents. This is a good thing, but I sometimes feel as if I'm doing my readers a disservice by veering off the advertised topic too often. So, at some point in the not too distant future, I'll be starting a new blog with a broader focus that encompasses any and all topics related to using bicycles for transportation. The new blog will continue to celebrate the beauty and elegance of bicycles, as well as the joys of bike riding, while simultaneously focusing on bicycles as instruments of change; in my view, these are not mutually exclusive concepts.
We look forward to reading his new blog and we suspect it will continue to include many entries about recumbents. What better bike to use for transportation cycling. We use ours for our daily commute to work, to get groceries with our trailer, and for touring and recreational rides. We just happen to like to be comfortable while riding. We'll miss The Recumbent Blog.

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