Friday, May 09, 2008

Do you have Dahons in the store?

We get lots of phone calls. I kid that it is because a human answers the phone here most of the time.

A reoccurring call involves whether we have certain products. For example, people call and say that they see we are a Dahon dealer. I confirm that and then they go on to ask if we have any in the store. It seems that they have called or visited other stores to find that while those stores are dealers there are not any or many models to see and test.

Sooooooooo I thought some blog entries might be helpful for our prospective customers. We have many, many Dahons. As of this date we have:

06 Dahon Hammerhead 1

07 Dahon Curve D3 7
07 Dahon Speed D7 1
07 Dahon Mu P8 1
07 Dahon Expresso 18" 9
07 Dahon Cadenza 18" 1

08 Dahon Speed D7 8
08 Dahon Speed P8 4
08 Dahon Mu P8 6
08 Dahon Expresso 16"/18"/20" 15

We have Dahons in transit (Ciaos). We have an extensive pre-season order that is being filled by Dahon as their containers of bikes arrive in California.

That's the Dahon news for today.

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