Tuesday, April 15, 2008

ViVa! Helmets! bikes@vienna's contest

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bikes@vienna celebrates a 10th anniversary in May. We opened days before ViVa! Vienna! in 1998 and by golly, we're still doing business.

Now I'm a low key celebrator, but we need to do something fun to observe this anniversary. In 1978 I rode a day of RAGBRAI (Register's Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa) from Iowa City to Maquoketa. I noted a family with three children who had decorated their helmets with colorful nerf toys shaped like cars, trains, airplanes, and ships. This distinctive headgear allowed family members to spot each other in the crowd of riders.

In recent years as I've ridden on RAGBRAI I've noticed that the decorating of helmets is the norm. In 2003 I came across the guy with the Starship Enterprise displayed atop his helmet day after day. The teams decorate not only their helmets, but they many times wear costumes especially on the last day of the ride.

Easter Sunday we went to Richmond to visit my son, daughter-in-law, and grandson. They took us to the Richmond Easter Parade on Memorial Avenue. The Easter hats were everywhere with colors, shapes, and forms. Sooooooooo these experiences resulted in the idea for this contest...... ViVa! Helmets!

Our booth (#116) at ViVa! Vienna! will be where to wear your decorated helmet to enter our 10th Anniversary Contest. We'll take a couple of photos of you and your helmet. The photos will be the basis for a panel of judges to select winners for a new folding bike, a new youth bike, weekend rental of a recumbent tandem, weekend rental of a Kidz Tandem, and several free bicycle tune-ups. Our categories will be Youth, Adult, Couples, Parent and Child, plus Pet and Owner.

Now my photo here is not a prize winner, but something to get you thinking. Yes, that is a little Chocolate Labrador dolly on top of my helmet. Java, the Chocolate Lab, is such a part of my days that it made sense.

The idea is to have fun and promote safety. The decorations need to be light weight and flexible. Entries which use wood, metal, or items which would do harm if your helmet has to do its duty will not be considered for prizes.

Have your ideas started forming yet? ViVa! Helmets!

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