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Coming Soon! GT-1

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This is a message from Mick Sims of Greenspeed.

There have been leaks and rumours for a while that Greenspeed was releasing a “cheaper” trike and we would like to squash those rumours! We don’t feel like we’ve created a cheaper trike at all, what we have created is the ultimate commuting trike. From the outset what we wanted to create was a hassle-free trike for commuters and ‘returning’ cyclists. Like the great new commuting bikes coming out with internal hubs and brakes we thought, ‘how easy would this be to incorporate into a trike’.

Appeal for this trike was two fold:

One was for your everyday commuter needs for a solid care-free machine that wouldn’t take up much of your time in maintenance. We understand that you as a commuter needs to rely on your trike day in and day out and with out getting grease on your hands. The second was for you who wanted a simpler or more integrated trike. Incorporating internal gears for the use of a single shifter, and internal brakes and single front ring, the gt1 is a very functional trike packed into a sleek looking design. But let’s face it, a reliable trike is going to appeal to all but the most touring or sports minded trike riders.

We started with the tried and true gt-series II frame; hand made from air craft grade Cromoly tubing, for light weight reliability, and a ride that isn’t going to shatter teeth. In that package you get all the gt-series II features of NSR steering for no brake steer and a smooth road feel, up-dated chain management and the alloy crank extension with adjustment markers. We stuck with the 16” wheels for their light, zippy feel and fast take off combined with high strength/weight ratio and their ability to transfer less stress to the frame under cornering loads.

As has always been our goal at Greenspeed, we feel such a worthy trike is really going to get people thinking more about human power. Oh yes, and by the way, this trike has a suggested retail of 2350USD. Although this is a new price point for Greenspeed, we feel it is more than worthy to carry our name along with its ‘derailleured’ brethren. Please take a test ride and see for yourself.

Full spec as follows:

Model gt1

Colours Deep Metallic Red w/ safety yellow seat

Frame Hand made cromoly 4130 main frame and seat

Alloy crank extension (no post, w/ light tag and adj. markers)

Folding Removable seat and folding mech.

Sizing Standard 41-49” x-seam

Small 37-45” x-seam

Steering. Linkage USS ‘NSR steering’. Bars with width and fore/aft adj.

Seat. Cromoly/Mesh 40dg with lumbar and shoulder curves

Track width 29.5” / 750mm

Wheel base 39” / 975mm

Seat height 9.75” / 250mm

Wheels 16 x 1-1/2” 40-349 Hand built w/ Jetset rims, SS spokes and Scorcher tyres

Brakes Sturmey Archer cable act. Drum brakes w/Promax locking levers

Cranks Driveline 170mm (std) 155mm (sm) fitted with 2 chain guards

Gears Shimano Nexus 8speed 25 - 78 g”s

Fitted extras Rear mudguard and flag

Build Options Schlumpf drive. (speed drive expands range to 22-113g”s)

Accessories All Greenspeed tadpole accessories, along with a myriad of other manufacturers’ accessories

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