Tuesday, March 04, 2008

EZ-3 SX Connected

EZ-3 SX Connected
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Al Tyre and Jae Im are shown on a set of EZ-3 SX connected with a Van-Guard Manufacturing connector. Consider that the trikes can be pedaled and braked independently. Yes, the rider in front (captain) is doing the steering, but the rider in the rear (stoker) controls their own resistance, cadence, and some braking.

The cost of the trikes and connector is $2135. That brakes down as $980 per trike and $175 for the connector. This is based on costs as of 3.1.08. Sun Cycles is preparing to increase their price for the EZ-3 SX trike

Click on this photo to go to photos on Flickr.com which will show the connector more clearly.

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