Tuesday, March 04, 2008

EZ-1s set up as a Socialable Tandem

Socialable EZ-1
Originally uploaded by bikes@vienna
In an effort to find more opportunities for people to enjoy cycling together bikes@vienna has brought in the socialable tandem kit from Black Bird Manufacturing. As you can see in the photo........take two EZ-1 recumbents and add the connector kit which hooks the frames together, synchronizes the steering, and creates a platform between the bikes.

This configuration has so many potentials. The seats on the EZ-1s slide along the frame of the bike so an individual 6'4" and an individual much, much shorter can ride together. The pedaling is independent so riders of different strengths and stamina can enjoy riding together. Can there be wrestling over the steering, yes there can. This unit promotes socialability.

bikes@vienna sells the EZ-1 recumbent for $680. The kit adds $750 to the cost. Let's just call the cost $2050.

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