Friday, February 15, 2008

Our Change in 2008

Our Change in 2008
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n 2008 bikes@vienna is moving away from selling conventional bikes. For an extended time we have not stocked road bikes and had just a few entry level mountain bikes. Our offerings have included hybrids and comfort bikes.

Our forte has been recumbents, tricycles, tandems, and folding bikes. I've decided to take us more that direction. Through several sales we will sell our more conventional bikes and end having those models in the store.

The rental program will also change. Rental bikes have always been a way for customers to test their interest in cycling and a way for us to sell bikes. The plan is for that idea to continue, but that means we will not rent hybrids this year. The yellow Fusion shown in the photo will be our most available rental bike. These crank forward bikes are very comfortable and I hope will provide hours of enjoyment on the W&OD Trail. Forgive me for pounding on this point, but we are NOT renting road, mountain, hybrid, single speed, cruisers, or ten speeds.

This shift in bicycles available for sale will prompt people to ask if we will do service work on all types of models and the answer is YES. We will continue to do repairs on all types of bikes and we will honor our commitment for "Continuing Care" for the bikes that we have sold regardless of style.

2008 is bikes@vienna's 10th year in business. We are moving towards "All Ability Cycling". This is an exciting change in a year when the word "change" holds hope for many people.

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