Monday, February 18, 2008

Molly Raymond in the Inside BIS quarterly newsletter

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This weekend I was given a story about Molly Raymond who purchased an EZ-3 trike from bikes@vienna late last year. It is such an inspirational item that I want to share it with you. I contacted Mike and Molly Raymond to get a copy of the profile that appeared in Inside BIS which is the quarterly newsletter of Brain Injury Services, Inc.

Molly sent me this note which tells you more about her level of energy and how much she is enjoying the trike:

"hi john,
i dont mind if you use my story and photo. i am soooo enjoying the bike. freedom!! i used to ride a mountain bike 5-15 miles sometimes everyday for many years. so not being able to ride for the last 3 years -and then now. feels so great. my Physical Therapist is thrilled and says i am getting stronger. they have my photo up in their practice. my Neurologist is thrilled too and has the photo and gave both of them your web site. i gets lots of questions as i drive around the area with it on the back of my car. everyone wants to know where i got it so i tell them. one of the ladies at my church just this am -has a disabled daughter-she said in their special school one of the older kids was wanting one-the mom had looked into it and they were the real expensive ones-so she took down your number and website off my bike and will share it with the school this week.

attached is my photo.

molly raymond"

Molly inspires me. I hope you will enjoy reading about her progress. Click on the article to gain a larger sized image and then click again where it says "All sizes" for an even larger text.

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