Saturday, February 09, 2008

New at bikes@vienna.....Hase Tagun

I'll get a photo to go with this item.

James Anderson has been working this winter at bikes@vienna. Yesterday James assembled the first Hase Tagun that we've had come into the store. The Tagun has underseat steering, rear suspension, and it folds to fit more compactly in your vehicle or on Metro. James was out riding the Tagun in the parking lot and it was obvious that he was enjoying the bike so I suggested that he write a paragraph about his view of the Tagun.

Here's James' view:

Just wanted to write and express my thoughts on riding the Tagun I just built. Oh! What fun it is to ride! I know you asked me to keep the hyperbole to a minimum but I might have a really hard time. The highlights: A long wheelbase that feels like a short one, the SRAM dual drive gearing felt like the perfect set of ratios for the bike, I mean low down and dirty for the climbs and woah! widen that baby out and you're flying man! The motorcycle-esque-brake setup was ideal and sensible in a bike like this. I really liked the low center of gravity, It made all the crazy Hase promotional material (you know X-games style riding) seem like a great idea! Responsive all around. You know I'm pretty much an out and out road frame guy but this bike was nimble and quick reminding me of my super-lean Raleigh Supercourse.. Just fun, fun fun. Like the HP Veloteknik Street Machine fun, only more primal. The Street Machine feels like a leather lined BMW, the Tagun is like a Porshe.


I think this tells you a little about the Tagun and a little about James.

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